Webinar: Breaking down organizational silos in healthcare

by Melany Gallant | Posted | Performance Management

It seems that every study on the future of healthcare recommends sweeping changes to meet the increasing demand for healthcare services. Many of those recommendations involve developing new work models and increasing operational efficiencies.

Unfortunately, many healthcare facilities simply aren’t ready to make these changes.

Why? Because they operate in silos — whether it be across business units, functions, projects, or even geographies.

In its Hospitals and Care Systems of the Future report, the American Hospital Association (AHA) also concedes that:

“it is difficult to focus on improving patient safety, quality and efficiency without developing integrated information systems.”

On September 18th, Chris Cowan, Corporate Director of HR Service Delivery for Christiana Care Health Services, will deliver an AHA Signature Learning Series webinar on how his organization used its employee performance management system to break down organizational silos.

Webinar details:

Presenter: Chris Cowan, Corporate Director of HR Service Delivery for Christiana Care Health Services

Date: Tuesday, September 18th

Time: 1:00 p.m. ET

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Why silos are unhealthy

Organizational silos share some common (and undesired) traits, such as limited communication across departments and an absence of common goals between departments. They can also:

  • Prevent the sharing of knowledge, information and best practices that can boost organizational efficiencies
  • Negatively affect employee engagement because individuals don’t see/understand how they contribute to organizational success
  • Increase the risk of duplication of effort, and wasted time and dollars

Attend this webinar to get the cure for “organizational silo syndrome”

In this webinar Chris will discuss how Christiana Care — one of the country’s largest healthcare providers — took its employee performance management system beyond the domain of HR and IT, and used it to share information, find common ground and solve problems across departments.

Register now for this AHA Signature Learning Series webinar and earn HRCI recertification credit.

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