Want to Implement Performance Management Software in 2014? Get on it Now!

Guest Contributorby Shawna McKnight | Posted | Performance Management

Want to Implement Performance Management Software in 2014? Get on it Now!

January 2014 might feel like it’s a long way off right now. But if you’ve decided to automate your performance management process, and want to run your first performance appraisal process in the first quarter of next year — you need to start taking action now.

You might be wondering, “why the rush?”

Well, there are only 15 weeks left ‘til the new year.

And it typically takes 8-12 weeks to implement new performance management software.

Now different vendors might tell you different things, so your first question might be: “How did you come up with this implementation time frame?”

It all comes down to experience…

Over the years, we’ve honed a pretty efficient, effective, yet comprehensive implementation process. It walks you through every step: from forming your project team to determining your criteria for success, defining your requirements, configuring and validating your processes and forms, securing executive buy-in, testing, user acceptance testing, training and successfully launching your first performance appraisal process.

We call it our Certain to Succeed™ process, because it’s designed to do just that: set you up for success.

The implementation timeline will vary with the number of processes and forms you want to automate, as well as some other factors. And we do have some tricks up our sleeves that can accelerate your implementation.

But if you want to do a good job and effectively prepare your organization to adopt your new tool and process (not to mention performance management best-practices), you need to spend the time to do it right.

10 questions you need to answer before implementing performance management software

Here’s a quick overview of what you need to start thinking about now:

  • Do you have leadership buy-in?
  • What is your strategy, project goals and criteria for success?
  • Who’s on your project team?
  • What are your process steps? Do you need to refine your existing process? If so, now’s the time to start thinking about it.
  • What are your form requirements? Which forms will you want to keep or ditch?
  • What competency framework/library will you use?
  • What employee and/or performance management data do you want/need to import into your new software?
  • What training needs do you need to consider? Look at both initial training needs and ongoing training needs.
  • How will you communicate to key stakeholders about the implementation of a new performance management system? Like any change management initiative, its success depends in large part on the effectiveness and timeliness of your communications.
  • How will you identify and nurture champions of the new system and win over the “curmudgeons”?

Of course an experienced implementation consultant can help you to address a lot of the above, so when engaging vendors be sure to ask them about how they can support you.

Time is ticking away

The last several weeks of the year tend to get busy for a whole variety of reasons, including the hubbub created by the all holidays we celebrate…

If you haven’t already got leadership buy-in and approved budget to purchase talent management software, get those now.

If you’re looking to finalize on a talent management system, talk to us. Our account managers would be happy to answer any of your questions or give you a personalized demo of Halogen Performance™ to show you how it can help your organization.

If you’re not even close to selecting a talent management software vendor yet, you might want to read: Cloud-based talent management: Making it a reality in your organization, or our new ebook Employee performance management: A step-by-step guide.

Both resources can help you define your requirements and understand the benefits of best practice automating your performance management process.

Whatever you do, don’t wait!

Avoid the same old annual performance review headaches you and your organization face each year. If your new year’s resolutions include going live with cloud-based performance management software, get on it now. We’d of course welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your talent strategy needs.

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