Use This Talent Strategy Playbook to Align Your People and Your Business

Guest Contributorby Karen Wilson | Posted | Performance Management

Use This Talent Strategy Playbook to Align Your People and Your Business

The work world is changing. Advances in technology, multiple generations and cultures working together, and the emergence of project-based work environments, are just some of the drivers impacting today's organizations. This disruption, transition - whatever you want to call it - is not new news. However, it does present challenges for how we communicate, collaborate and align our people around a common purpose.

Despite these changes, people remain your organization's greatest competitive advantage, and you need to maximize their potential by ensuring strong alignment between their success and organizational success. And this is where an effective talent management strategy comes into play.

Building an effective talent management strategy with solid programs to support it acts as an unwritten contract that meets employee needs and helps them be their best. Because when organizations make it a priority to invest in people, then the people will be more invested in the organization and its success.

Be strategic about managing talent

We've put together this Talent Strategy Playbook so you can build a talent strategy that ensures you have the right people at the right time to meet your organization's goals and objectives. The playbook takes you step-by-step through the process so you ask the right questions, assess your needs and know how to tie results to business outcomes.

Our strategic talent management planning process will help you:

  1. Identify organizational goals and priorities,
  2. Pinpoint organizational drivers and challenges,
  3. Complete a gap analysis,
  4. Define your HR priorities and goals,
  5. Inventory current processes/functions, and
  6. Measure results.

Build a team that gets winning results

When you look at it, talent management works a lot like your favorite sports team:

  • They have tryouts to determine who is the best fit for each position (recruiting and onboarding).
  • They have practices so players can work together and hone their skills (learning and development).
  • There are usually starting players that lead off in game play and secondary players who are standing by to fill gaps when they're needed (succession planning).
  • And every step of the way, the players and coaches give the team feedback on what's working and what isn't (performance management).

Each player has individual strengths they contribute to the team and the coach gets to know when they need those strengths on the field to give the team what it needs to succeed in each play that's called.

In talent management, the coach is your organization's leaders and the HR team. And they're making calls from the talent management strategy - their playbook - for the organization.

The talent management programs are both the offense and the defense, bringing the right people in and making sure they stay engaged so your organization can achieve winning results. Just like the coach of a champion-level sports team, you want more than one big win and a comprehensive talent strategy will help you get many.

Help your people be their best with a winning talent strategy

Yes, the world of work is rapidly changing. So too are people's expectations. They want continuous coaching and guidance, and opportunities to develop and grow in their careers. And your organization needs great leaders, managers, and employees at all levels to get things done.

With talent management best practices in place, you can build an engaged and productive workforce that's aligned, inspired and delivering exceptional results so your organization can achieve its strategic goals.

Download the Talent Strategy Playbook now to get started in building a talent management strategy that aligns the needs of your people with the success of your business.

Build an Effective Talent Strategy

Build a comprehensive and effective talent management strategy with this playbook

Download Now
Cover of the book
Cover of the book

Build an Effective Talent Strategy

Build a comprehensive and effective talent management strategy with this playbook

Download Now

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