Two Industry Firsts Announced at Halogen's 8th Annual Customer Conference

by Melany Gallant | Posted | Performance Management

Two Industry Firsts Announced at Halogen\'s 8th Annual Customer Conference

Our CEO Paul Loucks just kicked off the 2013 Customer Conference with a bang. He shared two exciting new enhancements to the Halogen TalentSpace™. And in this case, what happens in Vegas (or Henderson, rather) shouldn’t stay there.

The two new solutions are designed to help organizations improve communication, collaboration and coaching among their workforces.

Here’s a quick recap of Paul’s presentation.

First up: the new 1:1 Exchange meeting module

One-on-one meetings between managers and employees are so important but often times they don’t happen on a regular basis or when they do, they’re not effective.

1:1 Exchange is the only meeting tool available that fully integrates with a talent management suite to make it easy for managers and employees to review and update goals and development plans, and share feedback and recognition — all in one place.

The 1:1 Exchange module makes meetings easy:

1to1 Exchange module

As you can see, this tool conveniently stores meeting discussion notes so they’re available at your fingertips for future one-on-one meetings and for upcoming performance reviews.

Meeting minutes are stored all in one place for quick and easy access, anytime:

1to1 Exchange meeting minutes

Come review time, meeting minutes may be referenced directly from an employee’s performance appraisal:

meeting minutes in a performance appraisal

What’s more, the 1:1 Exchange module can provide HR administrators and senior leaders with insight into whether or not managers are meeting with direct reports, how often it’s happening and the impact it’s having on engagement, performance and turnover.

Here’s what Shelley Johnson, VP of HR at SGT Inc. had to say about this new module:

“What’s compelling about Halogen 1:1 Exchange is that it automatically generates an agenda based on employee activity within the Halogen suite to help foster engaging, meaningful dialog between managers and their direct reports,” she said. “This feature alone makes it a great coaching tool because managers and employees don’t have to depend on memory or spend valuable time each week deciding on priorities and choosing which topics to discuss; it’s all laid out for them.”

Retain and reinforce personality-based insight across the organization

You’ve heard of Myers-Briggs®, right? Maybe you’ve taken a personality assessment, thought the results were interesting and insightful, and then stored the information away never to be seen again?

Well, get this: employee MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) assessment results can now be pulled into the Halogen TalentSpace. This information can then be used across various talent processes to help develop talent, build stronger teams and transform organizational performance.

Access your Myers-Briggs assessment results directly from the Halogen Talent Profile:

Myers-Briggs assement results in talent profile

Imagine the potential. You’ll be able to use the assessment to improve self-awareness about your own communication style and preferences. You can do that by reading the customized personality report and the tips and reports on Communication, Leadership and Individual Development.

You’ll also be able to see the various personality types of co-workers — whether it’s a direct report, those you work alongside or someone you report to — and understand how you might achieve the best possible results working with this person.

Paul’s enthusiasm was palpable when he was telling the audience just what this new tool will mean for organizational culture. He said that it will help employees improve their self-awareness and communication skills and help managers improve their leadership and coaching skills. The end result will be an environment of understanding, collaboration and respect.

See how your personality type matches up against a co-worker’s:

compare personality types

Get tips on how to best communicate and work with different personality types:

communicate and work with different personality types

Are our customers excited about this? You bet! Here’s what Jamie O’Brien, Talent Development Specialist with The Kansas City Southern Railway Company had to say:

“What I really like about this module is how it provides a comparative view with interaction tips to help employees optimize communication with each other, and how that can translate into an understanding of how best to work together,” he said. “It’s easy to see how this level of insight can help with teambuilding, and support improved collaboration and engagement.”

As Paul pointed out, both the Halogen Myers-Briggs module and the 1:1 Exchange modules are about helping organizations improve communication, collaboration and coaching among their workforces. Creating an environment where better dialogue happens ultimately helps build that world class workforce you’re looking for.

Things are certainly heating up here on Day 1 of the Halogen Customer Conference —and it’s only going to get hotter! More updates from the conference coming soon!

Are you interested in learning more about the Halogen Myers-Briggs and the 1:1 Exchange modules? Check out the full news release here.

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