The View From Day One - Halogen Customer Conference

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The View From Day One - Halogen Customer Conference

There is a ton of great news and new learning to share coming out of the ninth annual Halogen Customer Conference yesterday. And it was only day one!

Under the conference theme Grow, Engage, Inspire, hundreds of HR professionals from a variety of industries have gathered together in Washington, DC to network, grow their talent management knowledge and gain insights on how they can engage and inspire their workforces.

Here are some of the highlights…

Adam Grant keynote: interactions are the fundamental building block to success

The day one opening keynote came from Adam Grant, Wharton Professor and best-selling author of Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success. Adam delivered a powerful and inspirational lesson about how people who genuinely give to benefit others – “Givers” – are ultimately most successful, and about how to nurture a culture of giving in the workplace to benefit individuals and the entire team for greater performance.

Adam shared some practical takeaways that helped frame how HR leaders in any organization can support a culture of givers by rewarding, recognizing and collaborating more effectively around behaviors tied to giving in support of each other.

The result? Richer networks, more innovative teams and more rewarding service relationships.   

Jennifer Triumph, Compensation Analyst for The Franciscan Alliance sums up her key takeaways from Adam’s keynote:

“The mission of our organization is very much centered on giving, and what resounded with me from Adam’s talk is how we as HR professionals can foster a culture of giving by identifying and supporting the ‘givers’ in our organizations and defining what giving means in our organizations. We also need to be mindful we don’t let these givers ‘burn out.’ They need the opportunity receive development and feedback too. Having to balance these two areas is crucial."

Talent strategy sessions

The talent strategy track on day one featured some informative sessions from knowledge experts on strategic HR, including:

  • Laurie Ruettimann, renowned HR speaker, writer, and columnist for The Conference Board (and a regular TalentSpace contributor!);
  • Steve Boese, chair of the HR Technology Conference and expert on using technology solutions to solve business challenges; and
  • Julie Winkle Giulioni, co-founder and principal at DesignArounds and respected speaker (and TalentSpace blogger!) on topics including learning, career management, and leadership.

Customer Success track right on track

This track is always interesting to attend because it showcases the talent management journeys of some of Halogen’s brilliant customers. Customers share their product implementation and deployment stories - including lessons learned, business outcomes and results achieved.

Edna White from Oakland County Community Mental Health enjoying one of the breakout sessions:
hscc14 conference sessions

On deck today were some great success stories from Matrix Solutions, Kansas City Southern and Bank of Queensland.

Jamie O’Brien and Nicole Christy from Kansas City Southern say the opportunity to share their organization’s talent management journey with attendees was rewarding:

“We really enjoyed the opportunity to share our tips and successes around building a high-performance culture at KCS,” says Jamie. “We wanted to show what’s worked for us and how other organizations can use Halogen to make coaching and development an ongoing activity.”
“Being able to show our peers how flexible the Halogen solution is, and how we’re using it to get employees engaged in our processes – with a small HR team – it’s been a lot of fun,” adds Nicole.

New this year: the conference TalentSpace Lab

Customers had the opportunity to delve into the Halogen TalentSpace suite hands-on in the first-ever TalentSpace Lab. The lab provides the opportunity for customers to see product features in action and speak with Halogen experts about using these features to their advantage.

Customers learning about Halogen suite features in the TalentSpace lab:
talent space lab

The lab also featured three Halogen TalentSpace suite demos: one on how to use Halogen to collect 360 degree feedback anonymously, another on using Halogen 1:1 Exchange module as a coaching and feedback tool, and how to use the suite to manage your distributed workforce more efficiently and effectively.

#HSCC14 selfies abound!

Hundreds of attendees participated in our selfie challenge in support of Save the Children. The photos were shared on a giant photo wall in the main conference area and highlight – from our customers’ point of view – all the activities that took place on day one.

hscc14 customer selfie1

hscc14 customer selfie2

With an awesome day one under our belts, we’re all rested up and ready for day two! 

To catch the conference highlights online, follow the conference hashtag #HSCC14 on Twitter and Instagram!

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Talent Management Blueprint

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