The Ultimate Recruiter Email Checklist for Talent Acquisition Pros

by Tim Sackett | Posted | Talent Acquisition

The Ultimate Recruiter Email Checklist for Talent Acquisition Pros

Even in this day of Twitter and Facebook, texting, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., most talent acquisition professionals still use email as their dominate mode of communication.

Recruiting emails are a talent acquisition professional's bread and butter, but even the best can miss a small detail from time to time. If you're a fan of email, here's a simple checklist to help ensure you're using this form of communication correctly.

Your Recruiter Email Checklist

Before you hit send on your next email, take a second and run down this checklist to ensure you didn't miss anything:

Consider who you're contacting and how

1. Have I communicated with this person before?

2. Really!? Have they communicated back? If no, reconsider email and pick up the phone.

3. If it's a cold email (as we tend to do in the recruiting game), are you sure it's welcome and not spam? If yes, then don't apologize in your opening or ask permission for their time. If you have to do this, it's spam.

4. If this is someone you have not yet communicated with, have you tried calling this person before sending the email? (If no, please go get a job at Enterprise Rent-A-Car; you'll be far happier in the long run.)

Check the email for clarity

1. Could I explain myself better if this message were a phone call?

2. Is there anything in this email that could get my employer or me in trouble, or that could potentially embarrass me if my Mom saw it? (If so, delete it.)

3. Could this email be shorter?

Clean up formatting and grammar

1. Is any portion of this message in ALL CAPS? (Stop it, you're not that interesting.)

2. Have I used a font color other than black, or a background color other than white? (Please punch yourself in the face and change your font to standard black and white.)

3. Are there any grammatical errors or usage errors? (Check carefully. Some people are overly crazy about these types of things!)

Make it easy for the recipient to contact you

1. Can the reader of this message easily find my contact information?

2. Have you added all your social connection points in your email signature? (LinkedIn, Twitter and, yes, Facebook. Pro level: Instagram, Google+, and a way to reach you after business hours.)

Get rid of clutter

1. Have I added my personal inspiration quote under my name and title? (If so, delete it - no one wants you as their life coach.)

2. Do I tell the reader to do something stupid such as, "Please help save the planet by not printing this email?" (Delete it. No one wants to hear about your political agenda.)

3. Is there anything in your email that could be considered religious? (e.g. "Have a blessed day!") If so, change it, my G*d might not be your G*d.

4. Do you have a two-paragraph legal disclaimer at the end of your email? Why?

Check visuals and attachments

1. Have I attached files that are so large they would shut down the international space station?

2. Have you used at least three emoticons? People just love those things...

3. Did you add any clip art to make it cuter? (If yes, please go jump off a bridge now.)

Use active language

1. Do you have a subject line that will entice someone to actually open your email and not simply delete it?

2. Does the first line of your email call the reader to action? Save your introduction for later in your message, assuming you missed the first two items on this checklist.

Okay, so that brings us to the end of the ultimate recruiter email checklist. Have I missed anything? Any wise words of email wisdom?

Your Turn: Do you have any recruiter email tips to share with your peers?

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