Talent Management As It Should Be

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Talent Management As It Should Be

Last week at Halogen's sixth Annual User Conference, we announced the official release of Version 11 of our Talent Management Suite.

What makes this news is that with the addition of Halogen Talent Acquisition ™ to the suite, we are the first talent management vendor to offer a complete, organically built solution, purpose-built to drive performance.

What this means is that your organizations can use our suite to align all of your talent programs to your business strategy. The suite is designed to ensure that each talent management touch point - from recruitment to retirement - serves to reinforce your organization's culture and values and drives top level goals and objectives.

We're calling this cohesive view Big Picture Talent Management(TM).

We created a video to provide an overview of what Big Picture Talent Management can mean for your organization. I invite you to watch it here:

Why Big Picture Talent Management?

While the video explains it all I want to highlight a few key reasons why we feel this announcement is big news.

Your goal is to create a top performing workforce that drives higher returns and offers a sustainable competitive advantage. To achieve this, you need an engaged workforce that is fully aligned with your core business strategies.

While your talent management programs should help you achieve this, it's still difficult when they themselves are not working together in a coordinated, cohesive way. In fact, it's nearly impossible when they operate in organizational silos and are supported by tactical, standalone tools.

With Big Picture Talent Management the leaders of all your talent programs can operate in one coordinated system that was built from the ground up to drive higher performance, a system that was designed to effectively streamline your programs, align your workforce and deliver on your business initiatives.

That's Big Picture Talent Management. It's here. It's big and it's nothing like you've seen before.

Talent Management As It Should Be

A new report from Bersin & Associates highlights the strategic value of this Big Picture Talent Management perspective delivered through our end-to-end talent management suite.

The report focuses on how the shared competency model in our suite has been purpose built to link all talent management functions. Every module in our suite has been thoughtfully designed to tie back to employee performance. This means the data on an employee's goals, job description, competencies, and skills are easily used and shared throughout the system.

Our suite is designed to help you use highly integrated information to make smarter talent decisions and to drive higher performance from your employees.

This is talent management as it should be. I invite you to download the report and again encourage you to watch the Big Picture Talent Management video to learn more.

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