Setting up Employee Development Plans in Halogen Performance™ and Halogen Learning™

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Setting up Employee Development Plans in Halogen Performance™ and Halogen Learning™

Providing your employees with development opportunities is critical to your organization’s success. Employees need opportunities to learn, feedback to help them improve in areas where their skills may be lacking, and support to broaden or deepen their areas of strength.

That’s why it’s so important for you to link development activities to performance: so you develop the right skills in the right people at the right time.

By linking employee development and learning to performance, your organization can drive better business results, including improved:

  • organizational alignment
  • ROI on employee development
  • overall business results

The Halogen TalentSpace™ allows you to not only assign development activities to employees and link them to performance measures, but also to group specific learning activities into development plans, and monitor the impact of your development efforts on employee performance over time.

Let’s look at how the Halogen suite can help you link learning and performance to achieve these results.

Two ways to assign development plans during a performance appraisal process

Linking learning to competencies

If you ask managers to rate competencies as part of employee performance appraisals, you can give managers the option to add a development plan to each competency that is rated.

The Add Development Plan link allows a manager to either copy a pre-defined development plan or create a customized development plan for the employee.

If you’ve also licensed Halogen Learning™, the manager can also use the Add Learning button to assign one or more specific learning activities to the development plan.

link learning to competencies

The advantage to this approach is that the development plan is automatically and visibly linked to the competency it’s designed to develop, giving the employee a clear context for his or her learning.

Using a separate development plan section

You can also configure your performance appraisal forms to include one or more separate development plan sections. This is a great way to remind managers to assign development plans aimed at helping employees achieve assigned goals (professional development) or career goals (career development).

Managers assign these development plans and learning activities in the same way I just described. While these development plans and learning activities don’t necessarily need to be linked to the competencies they’re designed to develop, they still can be.

using separate development plan section

When you also license Halogen Learning, managers can assign learning activities to their employees’ development plans, using the Add Learning button.

Clicking the Add Learning button allows managers to view a list of available learning units, paths, and certifications that they can add to an assigned development plan. The searching and filtering options let them quickly and easily identify appropriate learning options.

add learning functionality

Managing development all year round

If your managers are following talent management best practices, and having frequent performance conversations with their employees, they’ll likely need to assign their employees development plans and learning activities on an as-needed basis throughout the year.

With the Halogen TalentSpace, managers have the flexibility to assign development plans to their employees at any time, and track their employees’ progress on assigned development plans.

add development plan

The Employee Development History report lets a manager see how assigned development plans and learning activities have impacted an employee’s performance of relevant competencies.

employee development history report

Keeping your finger on the pulse of your learning organization

Halogen Performance™ and Halogen Learning also let your learning and development team track and monitor learning results across the organization.

Learning administrators can view the Training Report and Competency Scores Report to help identify organizational learning needs. In addition, the Training Impact Report highlights how assigned development plans and learning activities are impacting employee performance, so they can truly measure the effectiveness of development activities.

training impact report

And they can monitor training attendance/completion, certification and licensing expiries (and their associated training requirements), and development plan assignments — all of which help them better manage their learning offerings and address organizational needs.

Developing the right capabilities in the right employees at the right time

When your managers effectively use Halogen Performance and Halogen Learning to manage employee development and link learning to performance, they help ensure your organization is developing the right capabilities in the right employees at the right time.

If you’d like to learn more about how to make development plans a critical piece of your talent management programs, just contact us.

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Build Your World Class Workforce with the Halogen Software

Discover how you can effectively link learning to performance with the Halogen TalentSpace.


Build Your World Class Workforce with the Halogen Software

Discover how you can effectively link learning to performance with the Halogen TalentSpace.


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