Setting Employees Up for Success

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Setting Employees Up for Success

In certain professions, individuals who don't possess the required training and certifications aren't permitted to work.

No exceptions.

And it's a good thing too.

Picture the chaos that would result if a surgeon, a mechanic or a crane operator didn't know how to properly operate the machinery necessary to do their jobs?

The consequences could be severe - everything from wasted dollars and damaged property all the way to bodily injury and (dare I say it?) death.

The rules are clear in these jobs. No training and testing, no opportunity to be successful.

But doctors, mechanics and crane operators aside, how about the countless other jobs out there that don't require formal industry certifications and accreditations. Is employee development equally important in these functions?

You bet.

Everyone needs to be set up for success

Training (and sometimes testing) is no less important in jobs where certification is not required.

For example, if you promote a high-potential employee into a leadership role but provide him or her with limited training or guidance on how to:

  • coach and provide performance feedback to employees;
  • access the team metrics that will tell them if they are on track for meeting objectives; and
  • get the best out of their people...'re probably not setting this individual up for success. It's quite possible that instead, you're setting them up for failure.

Similarly, when we hire and onboard new talent, we can usually assume that the people we've hired have the base competencies to perform.

But if we don't give these otherwise talented people the tools (e.g. coaching, employee performance feedback and training) to achieve their goals at the outset, they will likely flounder, become frustrated and head toward the nearest exit sign before you have the chance to catch the problem.

Developing your people is like servicing your car...

Developing your people is what future-proofs your organization for long term success. This is not unlike a car engine that needs to be properly cared for by someone with the right skills, expertise and knowledge. By having a trained mechanic service your vehicle, you're protecting your initial investment.

** side note **

Take for example, administrators of the Halogen TalentSpace suite. For our customers, these are the employees who manage the day-to-day use of the Halogen suite within their organizations. The Halogen TalentSpace suite is a robust system, and administrators deserve proper training to ensure their organizations get maximum value from it.

It's why we offer implementation and training programs designed to help our customers get their processes up and running quickly and effectively. With the availability of Halogen Continuous Advancement Services, we also provide ongoing access to on-demand training and consulting hours to ensure resources are always close at hand when and where they're needed.

** end side note **

Regardless of where we work or what we do (Halogen administrators included!), there is almost nothing that can make us feel more empowered than knowing our organization is investing in us.

And as organizations work to keep pace with market changes and pressures (e.g. become more efficient, do more with less, etc.), developing and evolving the skills of your only sustainable competitive advantage - your workforce - has never been more important.

Driving the Future of Performance Management

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Cover of the book

Driving the Future of Performance Management

Discover how you can maximize your employees\' potential and realize brilliant outcomes for your organization.

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