Recognizing our Brilliant Customers with the Halogen Bright Lights Awards

by Melany Gallant | Posted | Business Impact

Recognizing our Brilliant Customers with the Halogen Bright Lights Awards

At Halogen we value customer success. So much so, it’s built into our vision statement. It’s also why we celebrate these successes through the annual Bright Lights awards. These awards recognize the outstanding achievements of organizations that have implemented Halogen’s talent management solutions in support of their talent programs and strategies.

Earlier this month at the ninth annual Halogen Software Customer Conference four customers were recognized for their talent management achievements in the following award categories:

  • Dazzling Implementation
  • Brilliant Corporate Culture
  • Bright Bottom Line
  • Strategic Vision

Here’s a little bit of background on each customer and why they’ve been recognized with these awards.

Dazzling Implementation Award: Cornerstone Healthcare Group

This award recognizes a Halogen customer who has creatively and effectively rolled out the Halogen TalentSpace suite.

This year’s winner, Cornerstone Healthcare Group, implemented three modules — Halogen Performance, Halogen Compensation, and Halogen Succession — in just four months! The resulting benefit for the organization and its employees has been remarkable:

  • 2,100 performance reviews have been completed across 19 locations with a 100 percent completion rate in the first process;
  • More than 1,400 employees have undergone a merit-based review process;
  • Talent pools for key positions have been created using Halogen’s competency library to help define behaviors across key roles; and
  • The organization has had a large scale online training initiative for its managers and employees via webinars.

 Melanee Landry, Manager of Talent Development at Cornerstone Healthcare Group, on how her organization uses Halogen:

"Implementing Halogen has had a major impact on our talent management program this past year, so this award means a lot. Our timelines were aggressive but we knew that in getting our employees set up quickly with Halogen it would go a long way in helping our organization establish a more effective performance review process. Our talent management initiatives are centered on people development, organizational alignment and delivering meaningful feedback to our team. Halogen is providing us a more efficient way to execute and drive all of this." 

Melanee Landry accepting the Dazzling Implementation award from Halogen President and CEO Paul Loucks:

dazzling implementation award

Brilliant Corporate Culture Award: The City of Minneapolis

The Brilliant Corporate Culture award goes to a customer who has used the Halogen solution as a powerful tool to drive cultural change and development within the organization.

Before Halogen, the City of Minneapolis struggled with a performance management system that was inconsistent and a process deemed unimportant to employees. With 95 percent of employees unionized, compensation was based on a union contract, and performance reviews were equated disciplinary action and deficiencies.

In 2009, the City shifted this way of thinking, positioning performance management as a strategic enabler to support its business plan. Using employee input, the City created a three-step performance management process plan to monitor and recognize performance, and used Halogen data to support ongoing performance conversations focused on strengthening the supervisor – employee relationship.

Diane Gross, HR Senior Consultant (Training) for the City of Minneapolis speaks to the results of this culture shift:  

“With Halogen we’ve been able to define performance management as series of conversations between supervisors and employees rather than a once-a-year activity dreaded by all. This has helped to strengthen the relationship between supervisors and employees because everyone understands their role in the process and what they’re accountable for.”

Janis Lajon, Human Resources Consultant for the City adds:

“Performance discussions used to be equated with disciplinary action or negative feedback. With Halogen the focus is now on accomplishments (the what) and competencies (the how) – and this has been a huge culture change for us.” 

Diane and Janis accepting the Brilliant Corporate Culture award from Paul Loucks:

brilliant corporate culture award

Bright Bottom Line Award: The State of Wyoming

The Bright Bottom Line award is presented to a customer who has made an effort to quantitatively assess and measure the results of implementing their Halogen solution.

Three years ago, the State of Wyoming faced an aggressive six-month deadline to create an entire performance management system from the ground up. Today, the State boasts organizational alignment and has made impressive improvements to its performance management processes including:

  • 100 percent performance appraisal completion rate
  • 67 percent decrease in compensation administration
  • Accurate and fair compensation – using Halogen to demonstrate accurate performance ratings and get employees their first raise in seven years
  • 43-percent reduction in terminations due to unsatisfactory work performance
  • 84-percent reduction in suspensions from work

 Lori Mischan, HR Consultant for the State of Wyoming, comments on the impact Halogen has made:

“We’ve come a long way in terms of standardizing our performance management processes and getting employees to recognize the value – both from an organizational and an individual perspective. The data we’ve been able to collect from Halogen has been incredibly valuable in terms of driving this shift. We have information at our fingertips to help identify and set up development plans, onboarding strategies, compensation strategies and more.”

Lori adds:

“With Halogen as a resource we can make people decisions much faster and that’s had a significant impact on the State of Wyoming. I truly feel we’re only just scratching the surface on the true potential for us.”

Lori Mischan receiving the Bright Bottom Line Award from Paul Loucks:

bright bottom line award

Strategic Vision Award: SentriLock

This award recognizes a Halogen customer who has achieved significant outcomes in using Halogen to move the organization’s vision forward via talent management.

In 2012, SentriLock LLC’s human resources team made “Expectation Development and Awareness” a primary goal for the next two years. The organization faced many challenges including: outdated and broad job descriptions, appraisals lacking true job-related feedback, and a lack of the proper development and goal achievement support for employees.

SentriLock implemented Halogen Job Description Builder, Halogen Performance, Halogen Talent Acquisition, and Halogen Learning, embarking on a new path to realize its talent management vision:

  • With Halogen Job Description Builder, HR has gained new insight and understanding into each department, and how each role contributes to overall company goals;
  • Performance management has become an ongoing part of SentriLock’s culture through organizational-wide use of Feedback Central;
  • Attracting top talent to the organization is more effective and streamlined with Halogen Talent Acquisition;
  • Employees receive targeted training and development with Halogen Learning; and
  • SentriLock’s investment in talent management has supported the organization’s strategic growth shift in support of its three-year plan.

 Josue Silva, HR Specialist for SentriLock on why Halogen is the right fit for supporting SentriLock’s strategic vision:

“Our executive and management teams love using Halogen. We’re making smarter decisions about who to hire, who to promote and how to improve the performance of our people.”

Josue accepting the Strategic Vision award from Paul Loucks:

strategic vision award

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2014 Bright Lights awards! Your accomplishments in talent management are truly outstanding.

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