Recognizing Halogen Customers for Talent Management Excellence

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Recognizing Halogen Customers for Talent Management Excellence

Halogen customers are focused on achieving their talent management goals. This means attracting, retaining and growing the skilled talent needed to turn business strategy into action – and ultimately business success.

Celebrating these successes is something we do through the annual Bright Lights Awards. Earlier this month at the tenth annual Halogen Software Customer Conference four customers were recognized for their talent management achievements in the following award categories:

  • Dazzling Implementation – awarded to a Halogen customer who has successfully completed an extraordinary implementation
  • Bright Bottom Line – awarded to a Halogen customer who has made an effort to quantitatively assess and measure the results of implementing the Halogen talent management system
  • Brilliant Corporate Culture – awarded to a Halogen customer who has used Halogen solutions as a powerful tool to drive cultural change
  • Strategic Vision –  awarded to Halogen customer who has achieved significant outcomes using Halogen to move their organization’s vision forward

Here’s a little bit of background on each customer and why they’ve been recognized with these awards.

Dazzling Implementation Award: Bank of Queensland

This year’s winner – The Bank of Queensland – was recognized for its multi-module rollout to nearly 2,500 employees spanning a wide geography across Australia.

  • A fast-paced implementation with short time frames
  • Halogen Performance implementation was completed within three months.
  • Halogen Learning was implemented within four months including the entry of over 50,000 training records, unique learning paths and migration from another vendor
  • Halogen 1:1 Exchange — Bank of Queensland’s most recent implementation —  was completed within one month and staff training on successful conversations was completed in Halogen Learning
  • BOQ is also deploying Halogen Job Description Builder and Halogen Succession throughout the organization

Megan Shields, HR Systems for Bank of Queensland, shares her thoughts on what made the rollout successful:

"This was a very fast rollout of multiple Halogen modules within an incredibly short timeline. We used an internal communications and educational plan to ensure our employees had the information and resources they need to understand the new process and their role in it. Halogen’s flexibility also made this a seamless experience for our employees – they can access the system from any location with almost any device. Although we couldn’t be at the conference in person to accept the award, we are incredibly proud of this recognition.”

Bright Bottom Line Award: Lytx, Inc.

2014 was another record year for Lytx, Inc., and the company has seen first-hand how a great team and a great culture can enable employees to deliver incredible client value. Using Halogen to support its talent management processes, Lytx has delivered impressive results:

  • Company-wide goal-setting moved from quarterly leadership goals in spreadsheets to company-wide goals
  • 96% of employees now understand the connection between their work and the company’s goals
  • Administration time reduced by 63% annually, allowing more time for value-added activities
  • Quarterly check-ins are used to accelerate the development of the company’s highest-performing employees, to ensure they are making a greater contribution to the company while helping them advance their careers
  • In 2014, 70% of Lytx’s high-potential employees received promotions and stretch assignments and 14% of job requisitions were filled internally

Tonya Cross, Human Capital Leader for Lytx, on how the company uses Halogen to support its talent management goals:

"As a strategic business partner, the Lytx Human Capital team focuses on building people and organizational capabilities. Alignment between the strategic goals of the organization and employee development is critical. Through frequent touchpoints, our employees receive continuous feedback and discuss the link between their work and our strategic goals. The streamlined Halogen solution supports our agile talent process and keeps us focused on substance over process – while accelerating our high-performance culture allowing our employees to deliver bottom line results and incredible value to our clients.”

Jennifer Weinbrecht , Human Capital Operations Manager, and Cecily Tinberg, Benefits/HRIS Coordinator, for Lytx, Inc. accepting the Bright Bottom Line award from Halogen CEO Les Rechan:

Halogen Brightlights 1

Brilliant Corporate Culture Award: Cabell Huntington Hospital

Cabell Huntington Hospital leveraged Halogen solutions to help transform its performance management process from one that yielded little value to one that has helped establish a culture of continuous improvement. In fact, the hospital recently received the Beckers Healthcare 2015 best places to work distinction.

Here’s how Cabell Huntington Hospital has created a culture of continuous improvement:

  • Data on performance, training and education, soft skills and goal achievement is used to drive a culture of high performance across all employees.
  • Shifts in strategic initiatives are well supported using organizational goal alignment with across all employees.
  • This cultural transformation to one of high performance and an employer of choice happened even in the face of a major cultural transitions and challenges including:
    • Acquisition of a competitor nearly doubling its full-time employees from 2,700 to 5,500 literally overnight
    • The hospital’s CEO and CNO retiring
    • Having two of the most profitable years in its 54-year history while peer hospitals faced decline

This momentum especially over the past 12 months is attributed to a culture of pride and distinction that Cabell Huntington employees show patients each and every day.

Marsha Keeney, HR Representative for Cabell Huntington Hospital accepting the Brilliant Corporate Culture Award from Halogen CEO Les Rechan:

Halogen Brightlights 2

Strategic Vision Award: Connolly iHealth Technologies, LLC.

Connolly iHealth Technologies, LLC had a vision to unlock employee value through improved talent insights so that its employees – who are pivotal to the company’s success – are recognized, rewarded and developed for career progression based on tangible talent data. Here’s how the company did it:

  • Using Halogen Learning, Job Description Builder, and Performance the company created a dynamic toolkit to empower both employees and leaders to manage performance and career development. 
  • Data captured in talent profiles, in Halogen Learning as well through Halogen Feedback Central  connects the dots for hiring, promotion, and training
  • Results: More than 30% of its global employee base is positively impacted, with preliminary results including 90+ promotions, accelerated onboarding, increased engagement, and retention of high performers. 

Brittney Miranda, Organizational Development Analyst for Connolly iHealth Technologies, shares the business value Halogen solutions bring to the company:

"The success of our company’s business depends on the expertise and engagement of our auditors who are looking to develop and advance their careers. At the same time we needed better talent data to make decisions around employee hiring, development and more. With Halogen as the heartbeat of our talent architecture, we are able to connect these dots and achieve results that have made a measurable impact.”

Celebrating customer success

We love celebrating how Halogen solutions are delivering business value to our customers. Congratulations to all the winners of the 2015 Bright Lights awards! Your accomplishments in talent management are truly outstanding.

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The Value of Ongoing Performance Management

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