Read Up On the Latest Talent Management Best Practices for Manufacturers

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Read Up On the Latest Talent Management Best Practices for Manufacturers

Summer is a great time to get caught up on the reading and research you may have trouble fitting in at other times of the year.

People are away on vacation. The office a bit quieter. Things tend to slow down a bit.

Of course, we all know how things ramp up quickly come September.

So now is the time to review Halogen's new Center of Excellence covering Talent Management Best Practices for Manufacturers.

The Center of Excellence has been developed exclusively for HR professionals in Manufacturing.

It includes articles, white papers, webinars and success stories on topics such as:

Lean, ISO 9001, and Six Sigma

  • What ISO 9001, Lean, and Six Sigma Mean to Human Resource Professionals
  • Building a Lean-Oriented Workforce
  • Using a Learning (Talent) Management System to Meet ISO 9001 Requirements


  • Develop the Competencies Your Organization Needs for Success
  • Building Capability for Success with Lean: The Critical Competencies

Performance Reviews

  • Which is best? Anniversary vs. Focal Performance Reviews

Goal Alignment

  • Employee Performance Management in Manufacturing: Goal Alignment is Key

Compensation and Rewards

  • Using Compensation and Rewards to Drive High Performance in Manufacturing

Take time now to learn about how you can make the most out of your talent management strategy before your schedule starts filling up!

You can find the Manufacturing Center of Excellence here. Happy reading!

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