Making Corporate Culture Tangible

by Melany Gallant | Posted | Culture

Making Corporate Culture Tangible

For the organizations doing it right, strategic talent management positively impacts employee engagement and retention - not to mention competitive advantage. It's why instilling a culture of performance - one that reflects the values and drives the behaviors your organization needs to succeed is critically important.

St. Camillus Health System in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin is an example of an organization that has done just that.

At the Sixth Annual Halogen User Conference, held in Atlanta last month, three of our customers were recognized with the annual Halogen Bright Lights Awards for their unique achievements using Halogen Software solutions. Those customers include: O'Sullivan Creel, L-3 Fuzing and Ordinance Systems and St. Camillus Heath System.

St. Camillus received the 2011 Brilliant Corporate Culture award for its success driving employee engagement and creating an organization that is focused on achieving the campus' mission and goals.

The organization modernized its approach to talent management after 15 years with an antiquated system - creating a culture change of accountability and motivating its multi-generational workforce to put greater focus on their own ongoing performance and development.

St. Camillus's performance management team was so inspired about receiving the 2011 Brilliant Corporate Culture award that they created t-shirts the team could wear to share this recognition across the organization.

As Genevieve Daniels, Organizational Development Manager at St. Camillus explains:

"Here is most of our performance management team wearing our Halogen Bright Lights t-shirts. Mission accomplished - the employees are asking what they are all about! On the back is the message 'Be Brilliant' and the initials CCDSST which are the core St. Camillus job behaviors.

The idea being that employees will ask what the shirts are for and then committee members can explain how we are using our new performance management model to build a brilliant corporate culture, etc."

The shirts are a way for St. Camillus to share the Bright Lights award recognition with all employees and to generate excitement at St. Camillus about the success the organization is achieving by transforming its approach to talent management.

That's brilliant thinking indeed.

Pictured above: The St. Camillus performance management team models their "Bright Lights Society" t-shirts while holding the 2011 Brilliant Corporate Culture award they received at last month's Halogen User Conference.

We are proud of the remarkable connection we make with our customers and of our customer satisfaction ratings which have been reported as the highest in the industry. We work very hard to preserve that reputation - but it's our customers that make this constant goal of striving for excellence so very easy for us.

We work with the best clients in the industry! We are so lucky to be able to partner with such great companies like St. Camillus, and you are the very reason we work so hard at exceeding your expectations.

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