Leveraging workforce data in Halogen Talent Profiles to make better business decisions

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Leveraging workforce data in Halogen Talent Profiles to make better business decisions

Workforce data is attracting a lot of attention these days in HR. And for good reason.

The analysts, like Bersin by Deloitte, are telling us that aligning your people strategy with your business strategy, and using talent related data helps organizations make better business decisions and get better results.

I'll show you how you can leverage employee data in Halogen Talent Profiles to make more informed tactical and strategic decisions about your workforce that impact business results.

About Halogen Talent Profile

You can configure the Halogen Talent Profile to capture any employee data that's important to your business. Think of it as your one-stop shop for centralized access to employee information. Halogen Talent Profile:

  • Offers a self-service interface that allows HR, managers, and employees alike to record specialized skills, relocation preferences, career goals or other information important to the organization
  • Automatically updates key information captured in the Halogen TalentSpace™, such as past appraisal and competency scores, whether the employee is a member of a talent pool, and their compensation history
  • Can even be configured to automatically remind employees to update their profile on a regular basis
  • Can automatically sync data from external systems, such as your HRIS, payroll, license and certification system, Microsoft(R) SharePoint(R), applicant tracking system, or learning management system, using the Talent Profile API(TM)

Here's a sample of what an employee talent profile looks like:

Click to enlarge

Create customized views of talent profiles

What's great about the Halogen Talent Profile is that its robust security allows you to define which data fields each role or individual in your organization can view and/or update.

This makes it possible for you to guarantee the confidentiality of key employee data, while allowing certain employee groups (project leaders, mentors and hiring managers, for example) to access the data they need to find the right people for a high profile project or find an internal job candidate.

Mining talent profiles for workforce data

The key to using Halogen Talent Profile data for guiding business decisions is to consider the questions you need to answer in order to execute your organization's strategy.

Here are few examples of the types of questions your organization may need to answer:

  • Do we have a sufficient number of individuals with the right skills to support a business expansion or special project?
  • What are the characteristics that differentiate higher-performing sales staff?
  • Which individuals already have the critical skills we need for a new product launch?

Once you know the critical questions you need to answer, you can configure your Halogen Talent Profiles to capture the workforce data required.

Configuring Halogen Talent Profile

Configuring your Halogen Talent Profiles involves two basic steps:

  1. Selecting the sections you want to include in your talent profiles, and
  2. Configuring these sections and establishing access rights.

Now your HR team and your managers can quickly access this data to, for example, find all employees who have some level of proficiency in Spanish, as shown here:

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Step 1: Select the sections

The Halogen Talent Profile has thirteen pre-defined sections that provide great starting points for capturing data such as education, work experience, language skills and relocation preferences.

Simply select the sections you want to include in your organization's employee talent profiles:

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You can also add an unlimited number of custom sections, making it easy to tailor the talent profiles to your organization's unique data needs.

Step 2: Configure each section and establish access rights

Next, you configure each pre-defined or custom section to set the visibility and access rights, data fields, and pick list options that best meet your organization's needs, like the example here:

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Using Halogen Talent Profile workforce data to make business decisions

Now when you need to make a business decision, HR, managers, and employees can all use workforce data captured in your talent profiles to make better decisions. Let's look at a couple of examples.

Example 1: Using talent profiles to find "hidden" talents and determine workforce capacity

Suppose your organization wants to bid on a project that would require a small training team to work and live in Latin America for four months.

If you've configured your talent profiles to gather information on language proficiency, you can easily use the Profile Search capability to identify all the employees in your education department who are fluent in Spanish.

Then you can use this data to determine whether you have the current capacity to bid on this project. See the example shown here:

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If you've collected the data, you could even filter the results to see those who've also indicated they'd be willing to relocate.

Comparing profiles to determine suitability for the assignment

You can then select the profiles of multiple qualified candidates and compare them to get a more detailed view of their experience, performance and competency scores, skills and abilities, in order to put together a list of potential employees for this project team and further evaluate organizational capacity for the project:

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Now you can better determine whether your organization should bid on the project, and whether you'd need to provide employees with additional training or hire additional employees to address project requirements.

Example 2: Using talent profiles for career networking

You've asked your employee Travis to obtain first aid certification and join the organization's health and safety team. Excited about the opportunity, Travis wants to talk to another employee who has taken the course to learn more about it.

Travis uses the Halogen Talent Profile to search for all employees in his business unit who have first aid certification. He does a keyword search for "first aid certification" and filters the results by his department "Manufacturing".

Using these criteria, he sees a list of all the manufacturing employees who have first aid certification:

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Travis can then connect with one or more of these employees to learn more about the course, etc.

Use Halogen Talent Profile to make better informed talent decisions

Using workforce data to support business decisions and guide your organization's business strategy is important for the long-term success of your organization. Halogen Talent Profile can help by giving you a simple way to collect and access the broad, relevant employee data you need.

Want to learn more about the Halogen Talent Profile in Halogen Performance? Visit the product page.

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