Learning Together - Highlights from Day Two of TalentSpace Live 2017!

by Melany Gallant | Posted | Industry Buzz

Learning Together - Highlights from Day Two of TalentSpace Live 2017!

Welcome to our recap of day two of TalentSpace Live. For our day one recap, click here.

Well, what a conference! Just like day one of TalentSpace Live 2017, day two of the conference was packed full of incredible insights from the innovators in HR: thought leader guests, the Halogen+Saba team and most importantly, our customers.

Here some of the key highlights from day two.

Kicking off the day

Karen Williams, our newly minted EVP of Customer Advocacy, and David Mennie, VP of Product Management and Strategy, kicked off the day on the main stage talking what our TalentSpace solution will look like over the next 18 months. The biggest takeaway: our product focus is on the ability to give and receive feedback anywhere, anytime to meet the needs of people and teams wherever they are.

Addressing common talent strategy roadblocks - fireside chat with our customers

Following the product roadmap session, customer success leader Rick Hiladie engaged a panel of our customers in a conversation on two common challenges in rolling out or changing performance management programs: driving adoption and usage of your performance management solution and customizing processes and programs to fit your organization's specific needs.

To address the adoption roadblock, we invited the following customers to share their insights:

  • Bailey Borzecki, HR Inspirations Manager at Dogfish Head Brewery
  • Sam Crumley, VP of Employee Experience at Panopto

Then, it was time to talk about configuring Halogen to meet the unique needs of your organization - and we invited the following customers to share how they've used the flexibility of TalentSpace to bring value to their organization:

  • Rachel Fitch, Director of Recruitment and Learning at PC Construction
  • Valerie Tolhurst, HR Director at Brundage Management
  • Bill Howlett, HR, Manager Training and Organization Performance at the City of Henderson

A huge thank you to Bailey, Sam, Rachel, Valerie and Bill for sharing how they ensure their organizations use Halogen effectively - and in a way that drives value for their organizations and their employees.

Back to the breakout sessions

Our breakout sessions on day two didn't disappoint. In the strategy track, Tim Sackett and Kris Dunn's session "Ditch All The Managers" was all about sharing why it's important to change the role of the manager. So don't take that title literally! Tim and Kris discussed the importance of hiring the right managers and turning existing managers into coaches who know how to lead others to success. It's all about shifting the thinking around what it means to manage people.

Janice Love, winner of the SHINE Award for "Gifted Culture Builder" talked about self-appraisals and how to turn them from the much-maligned task they're often considered into a great opportunity for employee engagement and accountability. Her first step in driving buy-in to the value of self-appraisal is marketing them in a fun way by calling them "selfies."

Later in the day, our good friends from Jobvite - and gold sponsor for TalentSpace Live - sent their chief people officer Rachel Bitte to lead a session on "The Secret To Unlocking Your Employer Brand."

Getting it done in the TalentSpace Lab

The TalentSpace Lab was back in full effect on day two, with information and tips on best practices about how to onboard new employees to the platform and how to save time by tweaking existing performance program templates.

Fun and networking!

Attendees also had tons of opportunities to network, talk shop or just hang out. Bringing our customers together is one of the favorite parts of this conference.

Executive panel on HR technology trends

Our final session of the day and the conference was a panel discussion with Chief Strategy Officer John Hiroaka, EVP, Customer Advocacy Karen Williams and VP, Product Management and Strategy David Mennie.

Moderated by conference emcee Steve Patterson, the panelists shared insights into how HR technology is changing the work experience and how our customers can use these trends to drive their talent strategy and enable people and teams to success.

The conversation included topics like: the reinvention of talent management and why it matters, AI and analytics, using data to identify people development gaps, and more.

My favorite takeaway from the discussion was how technology can help measure something like trust between an employee and a manager, but how important is to take steps to build that trust before you try to measure it through technology.

Closing out a great conference

To close out the conference, Saba CEO Pervez Qureshi shared how our next step is to learn and listen to customers on what is the right next step to support them.

A huge thank you to the Halogen team who worked hard to put together such a great lineup of learning experiences for our customers.

And most of all, thank you to our stellar presenters and our brilliant customers who came together to learn, share, and connect with us!

Oh and if you missed it, check out our day one recap.

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