Learning From Your Peers: Halogen User Groups

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Learning From Your Peers: Halogen User Groups

Learning from your peer group is often underrated. There's a ton of learning value in things like online community meetups, trade conferences, lunch-and-learns, and even simple get-togethers over coffee. Just look at the success of Product Hunt meetups, the Stack Overflow community, or trade conferences both physical and digital. There's nothing like learning from the real-world experiences of the like-minded.

At Halogen, we're big believers in this idea. So we hold events called Halogen User Groups (HUGs) where real Halogen users share talent management best practices, how they're bringing their performance management tactics into the future, and how they're making the most of our talent management software.

We call them HUGs because that's really what it's like, a hug! It's about connecting with others and sharing experiences.

We asked our customers what they've learned at HUGs, here's what they had to say.

How do you learn from peers at Halogen User Groups?

I think the best advice we got at a HUG meeting was to utilize Halogen for more than just performance evaluations. We loved the idea of creating forms for a new hire checklist or a 90-day survey. We love this idea because it gets employees into Halogen right away and sets the standard for future use.

Julie Balza
HR Coordinator, City of Austin

As a recruiter, there is a lot of information that I pass on to the new hire. I learned that I can create a process where all this information is shared through Halogen and can even get their electronic signature after they've received the documents. This is good news!

Ana Herrador
Recruiter/HR Administrative Assistant at KSBJ Educational Foundation

I learned that 1:1's are the key to engagement, and that there is a lot more you can do in Halogen Performance™ than what we currently use it for.

Katie Klute
Fabri-Kal Spring Corporation

At the HUG Meeting in Ann Arbor, I learned some different ways others are getting employees to interact with the software. Also, I refreshed my memory on some of the additional ways Halogen can be used such as, new hire checklists, exit surveys, PIPs, new hire surveys and others.

Keith Hill
HRIS/Payroll Manager at NGK Spark Plugs

I attended a HUG meeting in Houston. It was great to hear how other companies are using Halogen. We learned several ways in which companies are utilizing the performance management tool to take their onboarding to the next level. Everyone had great ideas!

Lorrie Singer
Corporate Recruiter at PAS Inc.

How do you learn from your peers?

HUG events are just one example of how you can learn from your peers. What kinds of peer learning activities do you participate in? Let us know in the comments below.

If you're already a Halogen customer, see if there's a upcoming HUG meeting near you!

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