Infographic: How zombies and disengaged employees are the same

by Melany Gallant | Posted | Engagement

Zombies aren't the kind of 'people' you want hanging around your workplace - or anywhere for that matter.

Less-than-stellar looks aside, zombies aren't all that productive. They're hungry for brains and that's about it.

The scary truth however is that zombies and disengaged employees are remarkably the same. Zombies may be the walking dead, but disengaged employees are dead productivity-wise. And the business impact of a disengaged workforce is significant.

To paint a more vivid and timely picture, this infographic gives you a tongue in cheek look at the similarities between disengaged employees and zombies.

More importantly, it provides practical ideas on what your organization can do to stop a 'low engagement contagion' using talent management best practices.

Create a culture that fosters engagement

If you want to stop the contagion of a disengaged workforce, create a corporate culture that supports the behaviors needed to drive organizational success. And take steps to discover what motivates your employees to perform.

A strong talent management process - one that supports ongoing feedback between managers and employees - can help organizations drive employee engagement in a way that fosters strategic returns for the organization.

Take steps to boost engagement, productivity and performance by visiting Halogen's Centers of Excellence. These Centers provide talent management best practices your organization can use to build a world-class workforce that is aligned, inspired and delivering exceptional results.

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