HR's Bold Thinkers: Introducing Lizz Pellet

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HR\'s Bold Thinkers: Introducing Lizz Pellet

Attracting, Retaining, and Repelling Talent

We're very excited to introduce some great new content to our readers today. Over the coming year we'll be sharing some fascinating video interviews from HR and management experts on key topics we often get asked about.

We've called these segments our HR's Bold Thinkers series! First up is Lizz Pellet (@lizzpellet), popular SHRM author of The Cultural Fit Factor, Fellow at Johns Hopkins University, and Vice President at Felix Global.

Lizz is a renowned expert in organizational culture, and recently sat down with Halogen to share some important thoughts on what it means to attract, retain, and - yes - even repel talent, so that your organization can be successful over the long term.

One of the key messages that Lizz drives home is that as an organization, knowing "who you are, and who you are not" from a cultural perspective can help increase the ROI of your recruitment, performance and retention programs.

Research of global executives demonstrates that one of their top priorities is their organization's ability to acquire and retain outstanding performers. As a result, the question of the best way to attract top talent is utmost in the mind of HR leaders and executives.

Attract the Right Employees

In her first video chapter Lizz shares factors that impact "attracting" the right employees like leveraging your corporate vision to actively market your culture and avoiding pitfalls of the recruitment "bait and switch".

Be authentic and congruent about your organization, your messaging and your brand.

Research also abounds that makes the link between robust talent management programs, and higher levels of retention among top performers. And as with attracting top talent, organizational congruence is vital to retaining top talent.

Retain the Best Talent

In her second video chapter, Lizz explores how to avoid cultural inconsistencies in order to create an employment brand that supports retention; and why talent management programs like year round performance management, ongoing development and succession planning are critical.

Research on the cost of a poor hire or bad fit shows how important both attracting and repelling candidates based on cultural fit can be. So repelling candidates or employees who don't fit your culture is the very important flip side of attracting those who do.

Repel Those Who Aren't the Right Fit

In her last video chapter Lizz shares specific examples of organizations that have crystal clear messages about who they are and who they are not, and how their cultural specificity helps preselect employees. She also has some great advice on how to discover your organization's "esprit de corps" and what happens if you're not repelling employees fast enough.

We hope you enjoy our HR Bold Thinkers video series, and Lizz's insight as much as we do! Let us know in the comments section below what you think and what other topics you'd like to see covered!

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