HR Reading For New Year's Weekend

by Nathaniel Plamondon | Posted | Industry Buzz

HR Reading For New Year\'s Weekend

We hope you had a great holiday weekend like we just did. Our stomachs are full, we've caught up with loved ones, and now it's time to get back to work. Well, not quite. There's another holiday weekend coming up: New Years' Eve and Day!

With the extra downtime, you might want to continue eating and spending time with loved ones this weekend. But with New Years' resolutions incoming, maybe you want to get caught up on some reading or start planning some things for 2017. With that in mind, here are a few great HR articles we've found around the web.

Organizations Can't Change If Leaders Can't Change With Them

We all know change is hard, and in business that idea couldn't be more true. Back in October, Ron Carucci put out this great piece about the importance of leadership to change management initiatives. While it's sometimes best to think about making change happen from the ground up, it can all be for nothing if leaders aren't championing that change.

Read more at Harvard Business Review

How to give and receive feedback at work: The psychology of criticism

This is a highly comprehensive look at how feedback works. Not just from a strategic or tactical level, but from a psychological and physiological level. It gets deep into how humans have evolved and how that affects the way we receive criticism, how we remember criticism after it's been delivered, and the scientifically best way to deliver feedback. This one gets deep.

Read more on the Buffer Blog

5 success lessons from the founder of Twisted Sister

Bestselling author Steve Farber is a preeminent expert on all things management and leadership, but in his spare time, it would seem he enjoys him some glam metal. When he had the opportunity to work with Jay Jay French, founding member and manager of hair metal icons Twisted Sister, he asked about some success secrets that he could use in everyday life (presumably after taking a selfie, getting an autograph, and hyperventilating just a little bit, like I might do).

Read more on Steve Farber's Extreme Leadership Blog

Three ways HR can impact the student employee experience

Student employment at universities and colleges has a huge number of benefits. Students can earn money to help with their tuition, gain valuable experience before they enter the workforce, and they can do it all without ever leaving the campus. The College and University Professional Association for Human Resources offers some great tips for how HR departments can positively impact the student worker experience, and the advice given can really translate to any young workforce. Whether they're working in the library, managing the coffee shop, or helping tutor younger students, these tips will help engage the younger part of your workforce.

Read more on the CUPA HR Blog

Happy New Year from Halogen Software and the TalentSpace Blog team!

We hope you're having a great time, whether you're still hard at work or enjoying a well-deserved holiday. We can't wait to see what 2017 has in store! Don't forget to subscribe to our email updates to keep up with all the latest in the world of HR in 2017!

Driving Employee Engagement through Employee Experience

Explore the relationship between employee experience and engagement.

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Driving Employee Engagement through Employee Experience

Explore the relationship between employee experience and engagement.

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