HR BOLD Thinking - Don't Miss the Point in Healthcare Competency Assessment

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HR BOLD Thinking - Don't Miss the Point in Healthcare Competency Assessment

According to Donna Wright, noted international expert, consultant, and author of The Ultimate Guide to Competency Assessment in Healthcare, if you're completing competency assessments just to meet regulatory requirements - you're missing the point.

Competency assessment is much more than looking at your employees' various accreditations and professional skill sets.

It's about having the knowledge, skills, attitudes and abilities to do the job. It's about applying a skill set to the ever-changing work setting.

In Halogen's latest HR's BOLD Thinkers video series, Donna discusses how can you derive more value from your competency assessments, as well as make them more manageable and meaningful.

She also addresses some of the basic questions and challenges healthcare facilities face in completing and managing competency assessments.

Watch a brief introduction to Donna's four-part video series:

Here's a sneak peek at what to expect in each of the four video segments:

Competency Verification: The Value of Choice - Learn how to drive up engagement by allowing your employees to choose their verification method from a predetermined list of options.

Competency Selection: How to Keep to a Manageable Number - Discover how you can eliminate unnecessary competency assessments and avoid the trap of evaluating the same competencies year after year, while still meeting accreditation requirements.

HR's Role: Connecting Competency Assessments to Employee Performance Management - Find out how HR can play an important role in facilitating the competency assessment process and how connecting it to a larger performance management process helps bridge communication gaps and supports quality patient care.

Competency Assessments: A Measure of Employee Commitment - Do you understand the difference between accountability, responsibility and authority? And what does commitment have to do with any of these? Hear what Donna Wright has to say and what she recommends.

We hope that you enjoy the best practices recommendations Donna shares in the videos. You might also like the other videos in our HR's BOLD Thinkers series.

Bonus Resource:

Interested in hearing more of Donna's thoughts and ideas on competency assessment? Listen to the archived webinar, Competency Assessment Madness: Transform Your Process from Crazy to Manageable and Meaningful!

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