How UCC Coffee UK Limited Brews Up High-Performing Talent

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How UCC Coffee UK Limited Brews Up High-Performing Talent

From time-to-time we profile customer success stories on the TalentSpace blog to provide real-world examples of how organizations are using their talent strategies to build aligned and engaged workforces. Today, I'm pleased to share how UCC Coffee UK Limited, the leading total coffee solution provider in the UK and Ireland, is building a high-performing culture through its talent management programs.

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UCC Coffee UK Limited attributes forward-thinking and innovation for keeping it leaps ahead of the competition. To maintain its leadership position, UCC Coffee UK Limited considers its staff to be its most valuable asset.

The company nurtures and empowers its team, enabling them to be dedicated, passionate and committed to delivering outstanding customer service. Every team member has a training and personal development plan, which not only benefits the business and customer service, but gives each individual the opportunity to develop and learn new skills.

An objective succession planning process boosts employee promotion

UCC Coffee UK Limited believes in promoting from within whenever possible. The company uses the Halogen Performance™, Halogen Compensation™ and Halogen Succession™ modules to align competencies to organizational objectives, values and requirements. This integrated approach has enabled UCC Coffee UK Limited to create a highly defined talent management process, in which talent pools play a critical role.

With these talent pools, also known as acceleration pools, UCC Coffee UK Limited has created groups of high-performing, high-potential employees who are being developed to assume greater responsibility in a particular area.

In some organizations employees aren't able to self-select themselves into a talent pool, but at UCC Coffee UK Limited every employee, regardless of their current role or ability level, is welcome to become part of a talent pool.

Naomi Godwin, HR Advisor at UCC Coffee UK Limited, explains:

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The HR Team at UCC Coffee UK Limited then uses these talent pools to support internal recruiting. Once positions become available, they're able to look at the talent pools and accurately identify which employees are ready to change roles.

Naomi describes a case-in-point example:

"In one of our talent pools there was an employee who wanted to progress from a lower technical role of boiler technician to the highest technical role of service technician. Usually an employee would progress 'up the ranks', but the talent pool process allowed us to identify that this particular employee's skills were above and beyond these roles.
Through the talent pool development process we were able to promote him to the correct level for his chosen career path rather than making him progress through each role. This increases employee engagement because the employee can jump into the role he's ready for while also enabling us to fill that role quickly."

Naomi adds:

"Before, if a manager felt somebody was ready for promotion, then they would be promoted. With Halogen Succession, we've found it's a really good tool for our employees to market themselves and their strengths across the organization; this has a huge impact on the way we actually manage internal promotions."

Engagement is the key to success

UCC Coffee UK Limited sees employee engagement as critical to the success of their business. "80% of the decision on whether to engage or not comes down to the line manager", says Naomi. The company uses the Halogen 360 Multirater™ module as part of the performance-related pay review process for managers.

To ensure line managers are effective at coaching and delivering feedback, a 360 degree feedback evaluation is completed which gives employees the opportunity to put forth their suggestions for how managers can improve communication and coaching skills. It also helps HR to gauge employee engagement levels. Line managers receive a score from their 360 feedback evaluations which then forms 20% of their pay review.

UCC Coffee UK Limited is committed to creating a happy and healthy workforce, and therefore if the 360 evaluation reveals a line manager is not strong in certain leadership areas, he or she will receive support. Any low scoring line managers have one-on-one meetings with the HR Director and their manager to form a strategy for improvement.

"With Halogen's help, all the documentation is there for employees to see. They can see quite clearly if we are on target and how their performance rating will affect their pay increase" says Godwin.

Talent management at UCC Coffee UK Limited is deliberate

From its culture to its talent processes UCC Coffee UK Limited is focused on building a world-class workforce. With Halogen, UCC Coffee UK Limited has been able to better align its workforce, and consistently drive higher employee engagement, and satisfaction.

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