How To Show Employees You're Invested in Their Development

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How To Show Employees You're Invested in Their Development

It's easy to find organizations that care about their employees' development, but you'd be harder pressed to find an organization successful in showing their employees that they care.

Showing your employees that you're invested in their development should be a priority. Did you know that 94% of employees say that they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development, according to a LinkedIn Learning report? Giving people the opportunity and space to learn at work is not only a great way to improve performance and engagement, but it also keeps them around longer and helps you build a robust pool of talent for the future.

So how can you help our people see that we're invested in their development? Here are four ways:

Make learning opportunities easy to find

Trying to find the right learning opportunity in an LMS can be like finding a needle in a haystack. It can be a very frustrating experience. And if your people are frustrated with their learning experience, and if your people are frustrated with their learning experience, your investment in their development will be unappreciated and unimpactful.

Make sure you select a learning management system that makes finding the right learning opportunity simple and pain-free. Learners should be able to search based on different variables, such as topic, format, content vendor and more. If people can easily find the information they're looking for (in their preferred learning format), they'll be more likely to dive in and start learning.

In the latest version of Saba TalentSpace, we added the ability to not only search courses by keywords and topics, but added filters so that employees can easily search based on the criteria that are important to them. We even added a "Featured Courses" carousel so that learning leaders can pique learners' interest and ensure visibility of important, new or relevant learning opportunities.

Give employees time to spend on learning and development

The most common excuse given for why not enough time is spent learning at work is: "There just isn't enough time." So what do we do when we don't have enough time? We make time.

There's no single way to "make time" that will work for every organization (or even every team). Some organizations formalize their commitment to development by setting time aside for their people to focus on learning, while others strive to make learning a core part of their company culture.

No matter what the approach, it's important to make sure employees can spend time watching educational videos, reading relevant articles, or taking courses without feeling like they're neglecting their day-to-day duties. You can also help employees with busy schedules by providing more time-friendly microlearning content, or by giving your people access to mobile learning so they can learn on-the-go - something you can do with the latest update to our Saba TalentSpace mobile app!

In order for learning to be impactful and valuable, it needs to be connected to performance. Learning should help your employees achieve their goals, and grow in the roles. This brings us to our next tip for showing employees you're invested in their development...

Make L&D discussions a mandatory part of coaching

The manager-employee relationship might be the single most important relationship we experience at work. And this relationship should support employee development and further demonstrate to the employee how the organization is invested in their growth.

Coaching conversations and 1:1 meetings are an excellent opportunity to show your commitment to employee development. Learning and development should be a regular topic of conversation in 1:1 meetings, informal check-ins and formal learning appraisals ( the learning itself can also take place in these meetings ).

How can you make sure your people KNOW that you're invested in their development?
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In Saba TalentSpace, enrolled learning appears automatically in 1:1 meeting agendas so that managers and employees can talk about learning progress, key takeaways and how their learning efforts are impacting their performance.

Keep it top-of-mind and easily accessible

It's easy for organizations to lose focus of talent development, especially during busy times of the year. Learning and HR teams need to push against this tendency and make sure development stays top-of-mind.

With Saba TalentSpace, administrators can make sure that learning is front and center every time a user opens the dashboard. This will make sure your people can see (literally) that learning and development is a top priority for your organization!

Make sure your people know you care about their development

We don't need to tell you how important it is to develop your talent. You already know that. But you need to make sure you show your people you're making an investment in them, and that you have a shared interested in seeing them learn and grow.

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