How to Put the "Success" Back into Succession Planning

by Saba Software | Posted | Performance Management

How to Put the \

When I think about succession planning, a simple expression usually comes to mind — maybe you’ve heard it...

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” 

While it’s generally recognized that succession planning should be a key component of every talent management strategy, the plain truth is that organizations fail to plan for it.

So what’s the issue?

For many organizations, creating a good succession management plan might seem, well, a  little daunting — fraught with too many variables, too many separate tasks, too many hands in the process, and too much administration. As a result, succession plans sometimes fall by the wayside, leaving organizations vulnerable to unforeseen events and situations, for example, a leader’s abrupt departure, unexpected retirement, or sudden illness. 

But the good news is succession planning can be a lot easier.

Removing the daunting from succession planning

At Halogen, we collaborate with HR industry thought leaders and experts on a regular basis to develop timely, informative and relevant content designed to help HR professionals optimize processes across their talent management functions; one of those is succession planning.

We’ve gathered this content together in Succession Planning Weekly, an exciting new email series that will deliver content to your inbox every week on succession planning topics such as:

  • What makes an effective succession planning program
  • The difference between succession planning and replacement planning
  • How to nurture top talent
  • How to build your talent pools

You’ll be able to use these practical, free resources to optimize your succession planning programs, plus…those who sign up will receive a complimentary copy of the white paper: Ten Key Steps to Effective Succession Planning, by Dr. William J. Rothwell. 

So, if you are interested in taking your succession planning to the next level give Succession Planning Weekly a try. 

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