How to Excel at Goal Management ebook

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How to Excel at Goal Management ebook

We've all done it...

We've sat down and set goals for the coming quarter, either for ourselves or for our employees. We've had the best of intentions, and often a real plan to achieve them.

But within a few weeks, our attention and efforts have been redirected by new, different or changing priorities. So we've put our goals aside, telling ourselves we'll get to them later. Then the next thing we know, the end of the quarter is approaching, and we're nowhere near achieving our goals. But we've done lots of other great work!

Yes, goal setting and management can be hard.

As a result, many individuals and organizations give up on setting and managing goals, preferring instead to "go with the flow".

In the How to Excel at Goal Management ebook, we outline everything you need to know in order to understand what effective goal management encompasses.

Why is effective goal management so important?

There's lots of research that tells us that effective goal management leads to better organizational results. In fact, it's one of the key components of high impact performance management. It's also a key ingredient for supporting employee engagement.

To create an engaged and high-performing workforce your employees need:

  • A clear understanding of what's expected of them,
  • Opportunities to do their best and to learn and develop, and
  • An understanding of how their work fits into the "bigger picture" and contributes to the larger success of the organization or community.

If you can excel at goal management, not only are you helping to create an aligned and engaged workforce, but you're also helping your organization achieve better business results.

All it takes is four goal management best-practices

The How to Excel at Goal Management ebook goes through some of the recent research findings and lays out the four undeniable goal management best practices everyone should follow:

  • Make all goals SMART
  • Set organizational goals, then align individual employee goals with organizational goals
  • Have leaders regularly communicate the status of high-level goals to the organization
  • Regularly review, revise and update all goals

It tells you what you need to do, why it's important, and then shows you how to implement these best-practices in your organization.

And it gives you access to a whole variety of great resources to help you adopt these best practices, including a terrific goal setting template.

Download the How to Excel at Goal Management ebook now and start using goal management best-practices to improve employee performance and engagement, and business results.

Your turn: Downloaded the ebook? Let us know what you think!

How to Excel at Goal Management

A must-read complete guide to best-practices in goal management

Download Now
Cover of the book
Cover of the book

How to Excel at Goal Management

A must-read complete guide to best-practices in goal management

Download Now

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