How Do You Define 'Success' as a Workplace?

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How Do You Define \'Success\' as a Workplace?

There are likely a few ways of interpreting what success means depending on your personal point of view. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines success as "the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame."

At Halogen Software, the ‘people factor' is a key ingredient to our own success and the success of our customers. It's right there in our mission statement and engrained in our corporate culture in everything we do. This is why ‘top workplace' awards are intriguing.

I'm sure you're aware of the plethora of annual contests which ask businesses to self-nominate as ‘best places to work'.  In fact, Halogen was recently the recipient of such an award - one of Canada's Top 100 Small and Medium Employers. There is typically some component of employee survey in these submissions so that the data isn't completely skewed by what the HR or marketing department thinks is going on versus what is actually going on. 

Recognizing the success of our brilliant customers

Now, imagine my very pleasant surprise when I learned that four of Halogen's customers in the Atlanta, Georgia area were recently recognized among the ‘Top Workplaces in Atlanta' by Atlanta Journal-Constitution. They are:

NASCO - Top 50 Midsized Workplaces
Cadillac Jack - Top 50 Midsized Workplaces
Intradiem - Top 75 Small Workplaces
Porter Novelli - Top 75 Workplaces

The common characteristics of top workplaces

I started wondering what common traits may have contributed to their nomination. After a little bit of digging, the following points stood out:

1. They care about performance management.  Each of these organizations sees performance management for what it is: A way to ensure that their people, those at the very core of their business success, feel that the organization is committed to acknowledging their contribution and supporting them to grow and develop. 

2. They have passion in their HR departments. Whether there is one person or 10 people, each and every one of them are achievers who are deeply engaged and know that what they do each day truly matters to the overall success of their organization.

3. They are organizations open to risk. All four of these top workplaces will try new things, as long as there is a reasonable business case and can see the potential reward. For example, two of these organizations were early adopters of our 1:1 Exchange module, which has helped managers provide ongoing, relevant feedback and coaching to employees.

4. They aren't afraid to ask for help. Everyone from the executive level on down in these organizations understands that they are part of a team that stretches beyond the walls of even their own company and they are comfortable enough to ask for help when they need it. It is this collective effort and a commitment to excellence that makes these organizations stand out from the crowd.

Putting the focus on people

Not every company strives to be a ‘best place to work' and not every company that is a great place to work will be highlighted in a survey like this.  But I will say that I believe the values these companies exhibit are those that focus on people and build a strong corporate culture where employees see the value in what they do day in and day out.  There is lots of evidence that a strong corporate culture breeds business success. And for the teams at NASCO, Cadillac Jack, Intradiem, and Porter Novelli - congratulations on your continued success!

Driving the Future of Performance Management

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Driving the Future of Performance Management

Discover how you can maximize your employees' potential and realize brilliant outcomes for your organization.

Download Ebook

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