HCI Webinar discusses the art and science of strategic talent acquisition

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HCI Webinar discusses the art and science of strategic talent acquisition

“Talent is the one of the last frontiers for differentiation. Any company can have a patent or produce a product. The difference is the quality of that product comes with the value of the talent you have.”

These aren’t just very wise words — they’re also ‘spot on’ when it comes to describing the importance of talent management in sustaining competitive advantage.

You’ll find more words of wisdom on the topic by listening to the HCI podcast — Strategic Talent Acquisition: The Art & Science of Competitive Advantage.

Presented by Elaine Orler, president and founder of the Talent Function Group, this podcast is part of HCI’s ongoing series on performance management.

During the podcast, Elaine answers three key questions related to strategic talent acquisition:

  1. What are the biggest problems that companies face when implementing a strategic talent acquisition plan?
  2. What are the roles that human capital professionals must play when they are acquiring talent strategically and can you briefly describe each one?
  3. What trends do you see happening in the future with strategic talent acquisition?

Elaine highlights how critical it is for the organizations to align talent acquisition and talent management with the CEO and the business. According to Elaine, so often the HR function gets categorized as administrative and regulatory rather than adding value to the organization.

Talent does create value

And the more HR can focus on how to position talent acquisition as something that adds value to the business, the more exposure and opportunity HR practitioners are going to have.

If you’ve got a few minutes, I highly recommend listening to the podcast — it’s well worth the time.

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