Halogen Celebrates Its Culture of Learning During Employee Learning Week

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Halogen Celebrates Its Culture of Learning During Employee Learning Week

Amy Corkum is our Learning and Development Specialist at Halogen. She organized Halogen Employee Learning Week (#HaloELW) as part of ASTD's Employee Learning Week (ELW) campaign. In this post Amy shares some of the activities that have been going on at Halogen this week.

employee learning week

ASTD (American Society for Training & Development) champions Employee Learning Week each year, highlighting the connection between learning and achieving organizational results. 

This year, we organized an entire week of learning to celebrate ELW, and there’s been a lot of learning going on here these last five days. (Have you been following #ELW on Twitter?)

Employee Learning Week and continuous learning

At Halogen we are committed to the continuous learning and development of our employees. It’s part of our culture – a non-negotiable, really. We believe that supporting a learning culture through the development of our people leads to enhanced employee engagement and that it prepares employees for future roles and success within our organization. 

A learning culture is one in which an organization’s mission, values and practices support and encourage individuals and the organization to enhance knowledge, competence and performance on an ongoing basis. This culture promotes continuous improvement, supports the achievement of business goals and enables the organization to deal effectively with change.

Learning can of course take many different shapes and forms — anything from formal classroom-style training to conversations with peers or managers. With this point in mind, over the course of the week we’ve offered a whole range of different activities for employees. For example, learning what various teams throughout the organization do, participating in LinkedIn training, shadowing customer support calls and participating in book discussions, to name just a few things. 

Cathy McGrath listens in on a customer support call:

halogen employee learning week listen in

John Fleischauer delivers a LinkedIn 101 training session:

halogen employee learning week linkedin training

Employee Learning Week is best when it’s shared

Learning is one of those things that is meant to be shared. We invited employees to share their learning experiences through social media using a hashtag we created just for Halogen’s Employee Learning Week — #HaloELW. Here’s a sampling of what Halogen employees have shared this week:

Tamara comments on a webinar on great communicators:

Gillian participated in a great peer coaching session:

Kelly and Christian enjoyed the LinkedIn training session:

Matty watched a QCon Software Development Conference presentation:

Championing learning and development

Many other organizations are also participating in Employee Learning Week. Take a look at what some of the ASTD Employee Learning Week Champions did last year to promote learning within their organizations. 

Don't forget, you can also follow #ELW on Twitter to see what organizations are doing this year. Let these examples inspire you to create a culture of learning within your own organization.

While we’ve been enthusiastically celebrating Employee Learning Week at Halogen, we recognize that learning shouldn’t be a once-a-year activity. Integrating training and development activities into the day-to-day activities of your organization is good for your employees and, ultimately, good for your organization.

Your turn: What did you do to celebrate Employee Learning Week? How do you integrate ongoing training and development into your organizational culture?

Amy Corkum

Amy Corkum

As the Learning and Development Specialist at Halogen Amy Corkum is responsible for maintaining Halogen’s culture of continuous learning. She coordinates and contributes to the many learning programs at Halogen such as corporate training initiatives, career management, the new grad program and emerging leader succession planning.  Amy is also a Certified Human Resources Professional and Human Capital Strategist.


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Learn tips and best practices to facilitate employee development all year round

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