Funny Performance Appraisal Comments and a look back at #SHRM12

by Melany Gallant | Posted | Communication

Funny Performance Appraisal Comments and a look back at #SHRM12

Well the Halogen team returned from the SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition last week a little tired, a little hoarse, but very, very happy and inspired.

The conference was a phenomenal opportunity to talk with smart, committed HR pros from around the world about some of their biggest challenges and opportunities when it comes to building a world class workforce.

From our spot on the expo floor, we were focused on how vital ongoing, constructive feedback is for effective talent management and for developing a high-performing, highly engaged team.

See what we mean?

It's hard to read the back of the t-shirts but they say: Feedback Guru, Feedback Aficianado, Feedback Aficianada, Feedback Superstar & Feedback Junkie

We heard resounding support of this fact from attendees who spent time with us.

Having worked with thousands of HR professionals, we also know you've heard your fair share of "feedback" while being in the trenches with line managers and employees across the organization. So in the spirit of "HR has seen it all", we invited booth visitors to share their best and worst feedback stories, which we posted on our booth.

And then we laughed - a lot. Some made you thank goodness you didn't have a manager who would utter those words, and many were inspiring and just made you smile. Here are some snippets and photos from just a few:

The Best Feedback

"You have a lot of potential and I am willing to make an investment in you to develop it."
...Who doesn't want to hear that they'll be developed or that they have potential? This is great!

"Your work MATTERS. To the patients, to your peers, and to me! Thank you."
...A little meaning goes a long way.

"Your recognition folder is like a novel - you are THAT good."
...Just awesome!

The Worst Feedback

"I came up with a new rating scale for staff performance reviews - "YS" - which stands for "You Stink!"
... Now there's a boss who focuses on strengths!

"You should wear heels to work."
... A lawsuit waiting to happen.

"That's a fantastic idea! I hope you understand when I present it as my own."
...She wasn't kidding.

"I get upset when you're incompetent."
...Not sure that's what the professionals mean when they suggest leading with "I" statements.

We'd love to hear from you too! Got any more feedback stories or performance appraisal comments - good, bad or ugly - to share?

Yes You Really Have to Give Your Employees Feedback. But It Can Be Fun!

As a talent management software provider, part of our product strategy has always been to incorporate best practices-based HR concepts and principles into our solutions. For example to support ongoing feedback, Halogen's performance management solution includes a performance journal, comment helpers, and coaching and development tips that managers can leverage to provide more meaningful feedback to their employees.

So we were super pumped about what we showcased at SHRM this week - our latest product enhancement that takes feedback to a whole new level - Halogen Feedback Central™. This new feature lets you use more traditional as well as newer social ways to gather feedback and aggregates it all so that it can be used to help assess and support critical talent management functions like performance, development, and succession planning.

Our customers can easily collect feedback from managers, peers, HR teams, even customers and suppliers in a very secure and practical way - any time, anywhere. On a mobile device or via email. They can then use it to support things like performance appraisal comments. This goes beyond just rewards and recognition and lets you crowdsource employee feedback so that you're reinforcing corporate culture, values and business strategy.

Pictures speak louder than words though - so have a look at the ways companies can leverage Halogen Feedback Central to support a culture focused on recognition and continuous improvement. If you're interested in seeing it in action for yourself, just contact us, and we'll set you up with a demo or a product trial.

Click the image below to view a full-screen image of Halogen Feedback Central:

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