"Framing" Performance, Goals and Outcomes in Saba Cloud

by Connie Costigan | Posted | Career Management

"Framing" Performance, Goals and Outcomes in Saba Cloud

Last week Saba and the crew at Fistful of Talent ran a webinar on how HR pros can use the concept of "framing" to drive their own influence, outcomes and authority within the organization. Our friends Kris Dunn and Dawn Burke discussed the importance of HR driving change, innovation and adding value, as well as approaches to promoting the work they do within the organization.

Kris describes "framing" as the approach that most successful employees use to showcase their goals, work and outcomes through a variety of communications strategies.

So what is "framing" when it comes to performance, goals and outcomes? I first heard about the concept in his original post on the subject over at his blog, the HR Capitalist, and learned a whole lot more from the webinar. The guidance they shared clearly called for using a variety of communication methods, whether in person, 1:1 meetings, presentation style, email or anything in between, to let management and peers know what the employee is working on.

It got me thinking about how our customers have a complete platform to support each of the "framing" recommendations covered in the webinar, so I wanted to share them with you.

Here are a few "how-to's" for framing performance, goals, development and outcomes in Saba Cloud, based on Kris and Dawn's webinar recommendations.

Approach 1: Communicating what your goals are for a specific period

Goal setting and tracking in Saba is front and center on every employee's home page and personal dashboard. It's here that the employee and manager can easily see what the employee's goals are for a given period, ensure they are aligned to company or team objectives, and quickly update progress.

The employee dashboard in Saba Cloud puts goals and performance front and center

Approach 2: Communicating and addressing goal challenges and progress

Top performers and effective communicators don't simply set a goal and then showcase the outcome. They take accountability for tracking and sharing their progress, getting support to overcome challenges, and getting input from others along the way.

Using employee-manager check-ins to discuss goal progress during 1:1 meetings

Saba's Check-In feature allows employees and managers to use the 1:1 meeting to communicate about goals and progress on a regular basis. Each of them can add notes on progress and feedback so collaborate and discuss online.

Let employees share informal learning as part of their goal progress with Saba Discovery

If the employee needs to learn something new to overcome a goal roadblock and are discovering their own resources online, they can demonstrate a focus on self-development by bookmarking their informal learning using via Saba Discovery and share the learning with teammates as appropriate.

Identifying potential mentors to improve expertise or achieve goals

Talented people know they aren't always the smartest person in the room. Your best employees are always open to learning from peers and mentors. So, if they're stuck on a goal or key skill they want to hone, they can easily identify a mentor or a colleague who has expertise or experience in the area they're focused on, right in Saba Cloud.

Approach 3: Doing a Behind the Scenes Needs Analysis with Stakeholders

When framing performance and goals, especially on a big project, Kris stressed the importance of getting input and feedback from key stakeholders as part of a "needs analysis" along the way. Bottom line, if you can incorporate thoughts and feedback from these influencers into the project design, or iterations, the final work product will already have strong buy-in. There are some really easy ways you can do this in Saba Cloud, especially when your influencers are in varied locations.

Using Saba groups to request feedback on a goal or project

Share your draft work for feedback and setup virtual meeting with any "group" in the Saba community or individual that needs to know about it.

Host a quick virtual Saba Meeting to discuss the project and get stakeholder input

Need a more personal touch? Share screens in Saba Meeting and walk stakeholders through your project to get feedback quickly and without the communication "misses" often found in email or IM.

Approach 4: Communicating your wins and finished work product

So, you've tracked and communicated progress and obstacles, you've solicited feedback, you've learned a few things to accomplish the goal. Now's the time to showcase the finished work product and let everyone who needs to, know about it. With Saba, you have the ability to share anything in your work portfolio (documents, videos, etc.) to a much broader group - everyone in the company, a few people, or a specific group.

Showcasing all the related resources and tools developed as part of the goal or project via a group or a workspace

Approach 5: Communicating your opinions and takes on what's going on around you in your area of subject matter expertise.

Beyond goals and outcomes, top performers are givers. They have experience and opinions on their area of expertise and are comfortable socializing and sharing those with peers across the company. Saba Cloud gives them an easy way to contribute their thoughts and ideas via blogging, special interest group creation, ideation and more.

Blogging is a great way for employees to share in-depth takes on an area of expertise, and get feedback from peers

Setting up special interest groups focused on a specific area to continue ideation or discussions lets your top performers contribute their thoughts on areas for improvement across the entire business - not just what's in their wheelhouse.

Contributing ideas allows employees to add value support continuous improvement

We've covered a lot of ground on how to use the "framing" concept within Saba, but that's just scratching the surface. The entire platform allows you and your employees to centralize and showcase communication about progress on their work and goals, and development. Thanks again to our friends at Fistful of Talent for such a great webinar with us.

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