Five Questions With Brundage Management's HR Director

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Five Questions With Brundage Management's HR Director

If you've spent time on the Halogen Software TalentSpace blog in recent months, you may have noticed a lot of discussion around the need for organizations to adopt a more ongoing, forward-thinking approach to talent management.

We've covered everything from using recruiting to influence succession planning, learning and development becoming an (almost) every day task rather than a single event, to the need for performance management strategies to be personalized to meet the needs of each employee, and everything in between.

In a nutshell, the next generation of performance management strategies and practices must, without a doubt, have an eye towards strengthening internal talent to support good business outcomes in the present and the future.

To help you see what next generation performance management looks like in the real world, we wanted to put the spotlight on one of our customers.

Lessons from Brundage Management's talent strategy

Valerie Tolhurst

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, Brundage Management oversees all business and human resource operations for A-AAA Key Mini Storage and Sun Loan Company offices across the United States. Brundage Management has been a Halogen customer since 2008. We recently sat down with Brundage Management's HR Director, Valerie Tolhurst, to learn more about the strength of the company's talent management strategy.

1. How was your talent strategy managed in the past?

We did things basically paper and pencil. The process was very decentralized and it just wasn't very effective. It was difficult to keep track of our HR processes and plan ahead on any talent-related decisions. We had no clue whose appraisal was late, whose was overdue, or how employees were progressing against their targets. Our COO saw the need to reinvent how our talent was managed and that included bringing in a central system, which is Halogen Software.

2. What do you like about having a centralized system to manage your talent?

There are two areas that stand out to me. First, since we use Halogen to link individual goals to our core business objectives, we have a way to see which employees, and what competencies they have, are supporting good outcomes for our business. We have ongoing check-ins with employees, and interim and annual appraisals, and having Halogen in place has really helped simplify and keep everybody on track. Secondly, the HR analytics and reporting aspect enables us to proactively study and look at development opportunities for employees.

3. How would you define the strength of your talent management strategy?

The strength of our talent strategy is reflective in our ability to retain our talent and continue showing good business outcomes. Like many companies, we faced challenges through the recession and in the years after it.

But, we continually reported higher profits and still see that growth today. The same can be said for our talent. Our turnover has reduced by more than 50 percent. Part of that is because our team members have the ability to see what is expected of them and how their work contributes to our success. It's right there in their talent profile and the information can be easily accessed and updated whenever possible. The connection is there and allows our team to focus on what's important and continue to move the dial forward, even through some tough times.

4. How does Halogen help you achieve outcomes for your business?

We have very measurable goals that our branches have to achieve and we have included those goals into our performance appraisal system. As a result, we're having regular conversations about how employees are progressing against their goals that have been set out for the year and what needs to happen to make sure goals and milestones are reached along the way and the quality of work is there. Halogen's support allows us to embed these practices into our performance management system to help keep everybody on the same page.

5. What do you like most about using Halogen TalentSpace™?

Halogen has allowed me to have greater insight into more daily operations and more information into an individuals' performance that I didn't have before. I can actually go into the system and see the feedback that's been recorded and make the connection to the competencies or behaviors that are important to our company.

Our employees have greater insight into what is expected of them because the goals are set, feedback is provided on a regular basis, development plans are being set and measured and followed up on. And of course by using the system regularly throughout the year, then when we write our annual appraisals it's practically written for us because we have got all of that information captured.

Building a battle tested talent strategy

As Valerie explained, Brundage Management has had to weather many ups and downs in the economy in recent years. They're certainly not alone, either. But, since Brundage Management developed a strong talent management strategy, the company's proven it can weather any storm. As the old saying goes, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going."

With clearly aligned goals, a culture of feedback and coaching, and personalized approach to performance management and development, Brundage Management has proved that a strong talent management strategy can help retain key talent and continue to help companies achieve good business outcomes.

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