Ensuring Training Completion in a Highly Secure Business

by Mary Stanton | Posted | Learning

Ensuring Training Completion in a Highly Secure Business

Every learning professional knows that administering and tracking compliance training is hard, and becoming more complex. So imagine if you not only had to connect and confirm a growing amount of regulated training for each member of your fast-growing team...but you weren't exactly sure exactly where (or even who) some of your team was?

On-site or in unlisted locations

That is the challenge of talent management leaders at Vencore, a leading information solutions, engineering and analysis services provider for the US government. Due to the highly secure nature of the highly complex work they do on missile systems guidance and defense software for customers like the Department of Defense and NASA, some Vencore consultants work on-site or in remote, unlisted locations.

Vencore turned to Saba Cloud to help provide them a more secure, universally accessible, always-on training infrastructure to ensure their team could all get to the training required. This cloud-based solution helped circumvent a firewall system that Vencore's talent team describes as "a powerful technology layer plus reinforcement that is more like a three-foot wall of flames surrounding a deep moat." In other words, extremely hard to access for offsite staff. Key to their success: they use Saba's Workday Connector to ensure that they can get only the back-end employee data they need to track that everyone finished the training on time, without sacrificing security restrictions.

No more firewall battles

Best of all, with the new ease of access to Saba's modern, collaborative learning-centric platform, Vencore has gone from battling firewall fires to starting to explore the tip of the iceberg of new leadership skills and collaborative learning for its team. After all, when your staff includes real rocket scientists, you need to look beyond the horizon for great development options.

Whether you have a high bar for security or a low tolerance for limited learning leverage, check out more on the Vencore story here.

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