Download free HR forms, templates and other goodies

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Download free HR forms, templates and other goodies

We know from experience that the two most popular times for conducting annual employee performance appraisals are the last quarter of the calendar year (October through December) and the first quarter of the calendar year (January through March).

Preparing for the annual employee performance appraisal is a lot of work and we want to take some of that burden away. Since good employee evaluations forms are key to the success of your performance management process, we want to make this process as seamless as possible for you and your organization.

For all of you gearing up for your next employee review cycle, here is a concise list of some of the helpful HR forms, templates and other goodies available for you to download for free from the Halogen site.

Free HR forms to download

We have:

These forms are available for you to download in Microsoft Word and PDF format. Use them as is or modify as desired.

And if you're looking for a little strategic advice to go along with these forms, check out this article on how to create effective employee evaluation forms.

You can also read other bits of wisdom in our Employee Evaluation Form Center of Excellence.

If you're not worried about performance evaluations right now but are looking for ways to simplify your other talent management processes, check out these sample talent management forms which include:

  • new hire checklist
  • exit survey
  • career development plan
  • goal setting
  • performance improvement plan

HR templates & other goodies you can download

Our website also has handy templates, tools and resources like:

I could go on and on. You'll find all of these resources and more in the Talent Management Centers of Excellence. Check them out.

Who knows? They could help you get an "exceeds expectations" rating on your employee performance review!

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