Deliver Real-time Coaching and Feedback with the New Saba Halogen Mobile App

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Deliver Real-time Coaching and Feedback with the New Saba Halogen Mobile App

I'm excited to share that at #SHRM17, we announced our latest innovation in employee coaching and collaboration: the Halogen® mobile app.

This app brings ongoing performance practices to managers and employees anywhere, at any time, facilitating in-the-moment feedback, recognition, coaching tips, development ideas and the ability to add one-on-one meeting agenda topics from your smartphone.

More so, the app supports both manager and employee capability in delivering and receiving feedback with recommended approaches, reminders and self-reflection tips:

The Halogen mobile app is an extension of the Halogen TalentSpace™ suite, which is now a part of Saba's expanded talent management solution set. It lets users instantly capture content from email, pictures, chat, and articles to share as part of their performance conversations with anyone in the organization.

But before I get too far in showing off the capabilities of the app I'd like to set some context for why we brought this innovation to the market.

A future-focused approach to performance management

We all know that discussions around "ditching the annual performance review" are really just a rallying cry to shift how organizations coach and develop their people. Performance reviews aren't "going away" because we need performance evaluations of some sort.

They're an important process if you want any structure for things like goal setting and competency management - structure that is essential to the performance of your people and your business.

But your employees are seeking out continuous coaching and guidance. They want "performance management" to be proactive and real-time, and not retroactively delivered once a year. They want performance management to help them be high performers.

They want to understand, "what's next?" not just, "What happened"?

At Saba, we know talent management is not an either/or. I.e., either you get what you want, or your employees get what they want. Both matter equally. And you can't help your people and your business succeed unless you address both. We believe you can achieve what you want, while giving your employees what they need.

And one of the ways you can achieve this is with the Halogen mobile app. Here are just a few ways your people can use the app to deliver coaching and feedback real-time...

1. Add items to your 1:1 meeting agenda

Instead of waiting to get back to the office when you have something to share with a colleague, you can use content captured via email, pictures, chat or articles to share for information or include in performance conversations.

Got an idea you want to run by your manager? Add it to your 1:1 agenda from anywhere, anytime.

2. Give feedback to colleagues whenever you think of it

Today's organizations are increasingly working to build feedback into their day-to-day activities. The combination of Halogen TalentSpace paired with our new mobile app helps enhance their efforts with access to feedback, recognition and development discussions that are synced to employee profiles in the TalentSpace suite.

The app helps you fit work performance activities into your life. Need to leave work early for a doctor's appointment but you really want to give someone a pat on the back? Now you can send kudos while you're in the waiting room.

You can also see in real-time any feedback that's been delivered to you by your manager or another colleague:

3. Make notes about development

Feedback, recognition and development tips collected through the mobile app are instantly synchronized with employee records in the TalentSpace suite and can be included as part of ongoing check-ins, development conversations, and talent assessments.

Continuous development is no longer exclusively for the time you're in the four walls of the office or sitting at a desk. Make notes about opportunities and activities that happen whenever and wherever you are when you're not at work.

Additionally, HR and organizational leaders can use this performance data to have an always up-to-date picture of organizational performance.

4. Connect with your colleagues

You can use the Talent View capability within the Halogen mobile app to access your company's organization chart in order to provide feedback and recognition on the go. You can also use the employee contact information in Talent View to call or email your colleagues.

Create an environment where ongoing feedback and development is part of your culture

Progressive organizations are creating an environment where ongoing feedback and development is part of the culture. The Halogen mobile app can support you in giving your people what they expect, while ensuring your organization has what it needs to drive breakthrough business performance.

With the Halogen mobile app we're putting both ‘the what' and ‘the how' of feedback and recognition into the hands of users wherever they are, whenever they want to share it, in a familiar, consumer-friendly format.

Interested in learning more?

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you deliver anytime, anywhere coaching and feedback in your organization.

How To Give (And Get) Feedback

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Cover of the book

How To Give (And Get) Feedback

Build feedback into your everyday, both giving and receiving, with our new ebook.

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