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It’s what every organization strives to have — a world-class workforce that’s aligned, inspired and focused on delivering exceptional results.

But the catch is that it takes a lot of hard work to reach that level of organizational alignment.

In this guest post, Brian Spence Vice President of Human Resources for Staffing Plus, shares how his organization fixed its ailing performance appraisal process, and is using its talent management programs to recruit, develop and retain top-notch staff.

As a premier staffing company, we’re dedicated to bringing together the most highly qualified and committed behavioral health, allied health and pharmaceutical professionals to help our clients address their staffing needs.

Our mission to satisfy our clients through a workplace culture of high integrity and superior customer service is ongoing — which is why we’re dedicated to having talent programs in place that enable us to recruit, develop and retain top-notch staff.

The good news is that we’re succeeding — thanks to automating, enhancing and refining our talent management processes using Halogen Performance™ Professional Services. As a result our employee performance appraisal process, 360-degree feedback, on boarding and off boarding processes are not only more efficient, their ensuring greater alignment and engagement across the organization.

We like to refer to our journey as “charting the way to a world-class workforce”, and the changes we’re making and the positive outcomes we’re realizing are helping us deliver the “Plus” in Staffing Plus.

Take a look at the infographic below for a view of how far we’ve come, what we’ve accomplished and where we’re headed in our talent management journey.

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In the professional services industry, your employees and their knowledge, skills and expertise are your “product” and brand. Discover how talent management best-practices can help your firm attract, develop and retain top talent.

About Brian Spence

Brian is the Vice President of Human Resources for Staffing Plus, responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Human Resources department including recruitment and retention of top internal talent, developing competitive compensation and benefits plans, and ensuring improved process efficiencies.

Brian’s team works to develop and foster a workplace culture that allows Staffing Plus employees to achieve their professional goals in an environment where their staff understands that “delivering the Plus” is what makes them a success. Connect with Staffing Plus on Facebook.

Talent Management Excellence in the Healthcare Field


Talent Management Excellence in the Healthcare Field


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