Curating eLearning Courses: 5 Time-Saving Tips for Success

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Curating eLearning Courses: 5 Time-Saving Tips for Success

If the task of choosing the eLearning courses for your organization has fallen in your lap, it may have landed with a thud. After all, with so many courses to track down and evaluate, it can be overwhelming. Who has time to assess all of the offerings out there?

Or perhaps you want to create your own eLearning content. While this sounds like an intriguing option, the required effort can be considerable.

So what is the right approach for you and your people? Do you choose an off-the-shelf eLearning course or create your own? It can be tough to know which way to go.

eLearning content: To build or to buy?

"I just don't have time to curate content!" is a common lament coming from busy learning and development (L&D) professionals.

In my previous post, I discussed pointers for curating content in your eLearning content playlists. I'm writing now to offer you five (sorely needed) time-saving tips. Let's recover some valuable time in your day!

Tip 1: Focus on your priorities

Is there value in creating your own workplace safety or customer service training content, for example, when there are many off-the-shelf courses available at a low cost? Probably not. Save yourself some time and energy in situations like these.

For "basic" but important content, consider whether creating something from scratch is truly worth the time and resource investment. Don't forget about the time and resources needed to keep the courses you build updated and current. We find that maintenance is one of the biggest challenges for L&D departments that build their own content!

Remember: The goal of any learning activity is to move the needle on performance. The resources you devote to creating and curating content should link directly to your organization's desired performance outcomes and talent development initiatives. Keep that connection top of mind! It can help you make the decision of whether to create, curate or do a combination of the two (think: branding third-party content) to support your learners' needs.

Tip 2: Choose partners who can keep up

Make sure you work with training organizations that are pumping out relevant content. Working with the right partners is key to ensuring your eLearning content is impactful and enjoyable for your learners.

You also want training partners that connect to your learning management system (LMS) and other eLearning vendors so that they will be able to seamlessly deliver your eLearning courses to learners when and where they need it. Ask your training partners to show you their roadmaps so you can see what courses are in development. This way, you can quickly make time-sensitive decisions.

Tip 3: Make it your own

It's actually fairly inexpensive and straightforward to customize an off-the-shelf course. So get creative and give it a shot! It's a great way to take an off-the-shelf course and make it your own.

Add your company logo, colors and language, or add/subtract a page to refresh and personalize a purchased course that would otherwise take days or weeks to create on your own. Or, ask your eLearning vendor if they offer customization services.

Tip 4: Make reviewing content a daily task

It's too easy to let reviewing eLearning courses slip to the bottom of your never-ending to-do list. Set aside a small block of time every day to review just two courses.

Make this a fun, "treasure hunt"-style task. After just one month, you will have reviewed more than 40 courses!

Tip 5: Ask for course selection input

Keep in mind that you should not be the only person reviewing courses. Involve your learners and L&D colleagues in your learning content strategy, too. Ask your learner population what they look for in their eLearning content and involve them in the selection process, either formally or informally.

Use hallway conversation to brainstorm ideas and discuss suggestions with your colleagues. Choosing eLearning courses is definitely one area where the "feedback is a gift" sentiment is useful to keep in mind.

Get started: Spend your time (wisely) curating eLearning content

Okay folks, time is ticking! I know you have learning content to curate, so get started now. Download our new eBook, Choosing the Right eLearning Courses for Your L&D Program, to learn how to make smart decisions so that you can create the best learning experience for your people.

This "How-To" article was brought to you by OpenSesame. With the most comprehensive catalog of eLearning courses from the world's top publishers, OpenSesame is here to help you every step of the way, from finding courses, mapping them to your core competencies, syncing them with your LMS to increasing utilization and improving your L&D programs. Contact Saba to learn more about OpenSesame.

Choosing the Right eLearning Courses

Discover tips to engage learners and boost performance outcomes with better content curation

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Cover of the book

Choosing the Right eLearning Courses

Discover tips to engage learners and boost performance outcomes with better content curation

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