Credit unions - CUNA HR/TD Council Conference is about inspiring excellence and innovation

by Melany Gallant | Posted | Performance Management

Credit unions - CUNA HR/TD Council Conference is about inspiring excellence and innovation

Credit unions have a lot to consider. You need to consider the needs of your members, and the needs of your employees.

You need to meet compliance and regulatory requirements while growing your business.

With all of these factors in play it can be difficult to continuously evolve your talent management programs and inspire your employees to excellence.

However, if your employees know how their day-to-day work aligns with business strategy, they would be more engaged in the success of your business.

And if you can see how their day-to-day performance is being measured, you can more readily provide them with performance feedback and skills development that inspires higher performance.

It is for these reasons the annual CUNA-HR/TD Council Conference is so valuable. The conference is focused on helping credit unions build strong company cultures that attract high performing talent. Not only that, but the conference sessions are designed to provide attendees with the resources needed to develop and nurture employees and ultimately, drive better business outcomes.

This is an approach we strongly support which is why we’re pleased to be a sponsor of this year’s conference.

Engaged employees are your competitive advantage

Investing in talent management can improve employee engagement and your bottom line (check out this infographic that explains how).

For example, Deloitte research has correlated a 5 percent increase in employee engagement to a three percent increase in customer loyalty and shareholder value at one retail bank.

And according to Jospeh Jaffe’s Flip the Funnel members who are happy with your business are 65% more likely to recommend you. And we all know that people rely on word of mouth over anything else for recommendations.

Reflecting on the theme of this year’s CUNA HR/TD Council Conference, if you want to inspire excellence, evolve your talents and innovate you need to think strategically about how you attract, retain and develop your talent.

Automating your talent management processes through a system like Halogen’s can help. Shameless plug aside, our credit union customers agree:

quote-Nathalie Pasin-Senior People Services Consultant-First West Credit Union


quote-Casey Quinn-Associate Director Employee Development-Municipal Employees Credit Union of Baltimore

Your human capital is your competitive advantage, which means you need to be doing everything you can to size up the power of your people.

Talk to us about your talent management needs

At Halogen Software, we are as focused on customer service as our credit union customers are. We want to help you bring your talent management strategy to life. If you’re planning to attend the CUNA-HR/TD Council Conference, we’d love to speak with you about your talent management needs. Visit us in the Welcome Center in the Sequoia South Ballroom.

Whether you plan to attend the conference or not, I invite you to learn more about how Halogen Performance™ Financial Services can help you build your high-performing workforce.

Are you going to CUNA-HR/TD Council Conference? If so, which sessions are you most interested in? We’d love to know.


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