Create Engaged Employees with Inspired Collaboration

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Create Engaged Employees with Inspired Collaboration

"I'm giving my notice." It's what no manager wants to hear, especially not from a high performer who delivers the work of two or three people.

But it's a conversation many managers are doomed to have over and over again because their employees are simply not engaged. These star performers don't feel recognized and encouraged, whether through compensation, feedback, learning opportunities or collaboration.

At the recent "Driving Business Performance Through Employee Engagement" webinar, Saba's Paul Ardoin and I presented strategies to prevent high-performance employees from walking out of the door by helping them become engaged employees.

Improving employee engagement reaps the following benefits:

  • More productive employees who take less time off
  • Happier customers
  • Innovative employees who follow their passions and interests
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Higher profitability

For this blog post, I wanted to focus on an area that I'm passionate about:

Engaging employees with better collaboration.

This is a real problem in our organizations. Workers who feel siloed don't know how they fit and how their work matters to the company.

During the webinar, Paul told a story about a former organization where he worked that had a forlorn intranet that was pretty much a "document graveyard." Once he came to Saba, he discovered the company's very vibrant intranet with live conversation, kudos and tips and tricks shared among colleagues.

Good collaboration tools can help enable the type of collaboration that makes colleagues in Los Angeles, London, Berlin and Shanghai feel as if they sit across the room from each other. I was an early adopter of collaboration tools at another organization years ago. With one project I remember very clearly, I collaborated all day with colleagues on another continent. When I was finally able to meet one of my colleagues in person, we greeted each other like lifelong friends. Our collaboration made us engaged employees, and our work benefited from this connection.

5 ways to get started engaging employees with collaboration

If you are just starting with collaboration, try these suggestions:

  • Put Frequently Requested Resources in one place
  • Schedule discussions with experts and invite colleagues to attend online or in person
  • Place FAQs on a Wiki
  • Use Saba Collaboration to create impressions, badges and leaderboards
  • Promote innovations by sponsoring "innovation" sessions

To learn more ways to engage valuable high performers, watch the webinar, which includes a sneak peek at Pulse 360, Saba's new continuous feedback product that will be introduced at HRTech next week.

Driving Employee Engagement through Employee Experience

Explore the relationship between employee experience and engagement.

Watch Now
Cover of the book
Cover of the book

Driving Employee Engagement through Employee Experience

Explore the relationship between employee experience and engagement.

Watch Now

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