CEOs Focused on Making Talent Management a Top Priority in 2014

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CEOs Focused on Making Talent Management a Top Priority in 2014

In a recent executive meeting here at Halogen we discussed new research findings from The Conference Board and UK partner Chartered Management Institute (CMI) that state global business leaders have identified building a world-class workforce as their top challenge for 2014.

Digging deeper, the challenges these CEOs are looking to address include:

  • Improving leadership development programs, and
  • Making performance management an ongoing priority.

That CEOs are focused on people and performance is good news. Great news, in fact. It means discussions between HR and the C-level have evolved. It's no longer about gaining buy-in and articulating why talent management needs to be a priority. These discussions can instead be focused on how.

Everyone deserves to work for a great leader

This Conference Board / CMI study also reveals that CEOs listed the ability to retain and develop talent as one of six leadership attributes most critical to future success.

If you reflect on the fact that 70-80% of the workforce reports to a mid-level manager, the need to implement and improve leadership development programs is critical. These are the leaders who interact day-to-day with the majority of your workforce. They need training and resources on how to coach and provide feedback that engages and inspires employees to higher performance.

At Halogen, we develop a lot of resources to help organizations build their world-class workforces. In fact, our vision is literally:

To help organizations:

  • Build their world-class workforce
  • Get better business results through an aligned and engaged workforce, and
  • Establish talent as a lasting competitive advantage

This isn't just lip-service. We are passionate about helping organizations realize this, which is why the Conference Board / CMI research findings struck such a strong chord with our executive team.

Resources to improve talent management practices in your organization

HR is in a unique position to drive this change and support business leaders in addressing their talent management concerns. Here are some complimentary resources and tools that can help. Download them. Share them with your HR and executive teams. With your people managers and employees.

  • For HR: Employee Performance Management ebook. This step-by-step guide is packed with useful tips, best practices, and hands-on worksheets that guide you through implementing a best-practice performance management process.
  • For People Managers: Employee Feedback and Coaching Templates. Managers can use these templates to give truly helpful and effective feedback. This resource also includes a list of tips to guide coaching conversations.
  • For Employees: How to Write a Great Self-Appraisal in Six Steps. This article guides employees on how to use their self-appraisals to set the stage for a rich performance review meeting with their manager.

We'd love your feedback on these resources so leave a comment below and let us know if you and your employees find them useful.

Looking for more? Browse the Learn section of the Halogen website for more resources like the above. Subscribe to the TalentSpace blog to read tips and insights on talent management best practices.

Most importantly, talk to your CEO about how to address your organization's talent management challenges.

With HR's guidance and strategic contributions, improving leadership development practices and making ongoing performance management a reality can be a reality. It's also what will make the difference between your organization gaining competitive advantage and simply surviving in 2014.

Your turn: How is your organization making a talent management a priority in 2014?

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