Celebrating a Work Hard, Have Fun Culture With The Halogen Olympics

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Celebrating a Work Hard, Have Fun Culture With The Halogen Olympics

And the winner is…

Actually, Halogen’s annual Olympic competition is not really about winning or losing. Rather, it’s a celebration of our ‘work hard, have fun’ culture. As a fast growing company, it’s important that we stay true to who we are and build meaningful connections between employees.

Now in its sixth year, this event is highly anticipated every winter. Winners from previous years proudly display their medals and the good-spirited trash talk starts early. Through the course of a week, teams are challenged to both physical and mental competitions that require creativity, collaboration and commitment.  

While participation is voluntary, there’s never a shortage of people lined up to take part. Teams are randomly selected so employees from across the organization get to know each other and build relationships that will serve them in their daily work.

Our company President and CEO Paul Loucks displays his support for the event by participating every year along with other members of the executive team. But when it comes down to the competition there’s no going easy on our company leaders.

Below is a photo of my amazing team. We called ourselves "There's No Way Paul's Team is Beating Us". While we didn't reach the podium, we had a great time participating in the week-long Olympics:

 2014 Halogen Olympics Team Donna

Here’s a recap of 2014 Halogen Olympic activities that took place last week...

Day #1 – Opening ceremonies and the too-many-legged race

In this competition team members had to work together (they were literally tied together) to beat other teams in a foot race and then work together to solve a mind-bending challenge:

Halogen Olympics day 1

Day #2 – Minute to Win it

What do ping pong balls, cookies and pencils have in common? They were all part of the Minute to Win it challenge that saw a three-way tie for second place:  

Halogen Olympics day 2

Day #3 – Multi-player Multi-team soccer

Through a combination of teamwork, stamina and grit, the High Performing Hooligans took gold in this event that saw three teams compete in a soccer match at the same time:

Halogen Olympics day 3

Day #4 – The Don’t Forget trivia challenge

Teams put their heads together to answer as many trivia questions as they could in 30 minutes. With no help from technology, this was a tough one!

Halogen Olympics day 4

Day #5 – Medal ceremony

During the medal ceremony all participants gathered together to cheer on the winning teams but also to cheer on each other. Here are the teams that made it to the podium this year:

Gold medalists: the High Performing Hooligans

Halogen Olympics Gold Medalists

Silver medalists: Halogen Hustle

Halogen Olympics Silver Medalists

Bronze medalists: The Halogen Hellcats

Halogen Olympics Bronze Medalists

Why the Halogen Olympics are successful year after year 

Our employees say it best: 

“This was an absolute blast. You get to know your teammates so well over the course of the week and you really bond over this unique experience. I’m already looking forward to next year!” - Erin O’Hara, Public Relations Specialist; with Halogen for five months 
“This is my fifth year participating in the Halogen Olympics and I look forward to it every year. You can’t beat this week of competition and fun. And it’s great getting to spend time with people in the organization that I don’t get to interact with very often.” - Jennifer Morin, Manager, Product Management; with Halogen seven years

This annual team-building event is an important part of Halogen's culture. Part of the reason it's been so successful year-over-year is because the entire company gets behind it (top-down and bottom-up). The value is recognized and the impact is far-reaching beyond this one week.

I know my fellow Halogen Olympians join me in thanking our Social Committee for organizing this great event. 

Your Turn: What kind of unique team-building events does your organization do? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.  

Using Your Workplace Culture to Boost Employee Engagement

Learn how to create a culture that makes your company the one everyone wants to work for.

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Using Your Workplace Culture to Boost Employee Engagement

Learn how to create a culture that makes your company the one everyone wants to work for.

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