Award-Winning Learning Technology Implementations

by Paige Newcombe | Posted | Talent Acquisition

Award-Winning Learning Technology Implementations

There's a host of awards in the HR technology industry and, while they may not be televised (maybe they should?), they put the spotlight on the hard work and commitment of customers who do a lot to help their people succeed.

So, I'd like to take the opportunity to share with you some great recognition two of our customers in EMEA have received.

A round of applause for Credit Suisse and GfK

And the winners are...

Credit Suisse

Award: Bronze for Best Advance in Corporate Learning University category in the Brandon Hall Group's Excellence in Learning Awards!

Credit Suisse was also named a finalist at the Learning Technologies Awards for Best Use of Learning Technology to Ensure Compliance for an International Company!


Recognition: Finalist for Learning Technologies Team of the Year, also part of the Learning Technologies Awards!

Thoughtful employee development worthy of recognition

These two customers are great examples of how organisations can achieve great results based on their focus and commitment to improving their approach to talent management. At GfK, it all started when its global leadership team and HR department committed to creating a learning culture to help attract highly sought-after talent.

The business challenge Credit Suisse had to overcome was centralizing online learning content, increasing the number of global mandatory eLearning programmes, and offering new training options on mobile devices to facilitate employee-driven learning experiences.

Both companies made calculated business decisions to help them achieve the results they needed to move the dial within their respective talent programmes.

Connecting learning and performance at GfK

For example, GfK wanted to make learning part of a more constant conversation between managers and employees, so the L&D team supports this by sending out weekly reminders or teasers to actively promote content that's available within Learning@GfK.

Within the first three months of implementation at GfK, over 5,500 courses were completed and nearly 12,000 employees were registered on the system - that's almost 400 employees a day using Learning@GfK! The L&D team at GfK also created microlearning content to help employees learn things they could quickly apply on the job (e.g. project management essentials) and this content is complemented with YouTube videos or TED Talks, again providing employees with easy access to content they're interested in.

Credit Suisse streamlines and improves learning content delivery

The Digital Learning team at Credit Suisse is unique not just because of the global service that it offers, but also because of its collaborative approach to the delivery of learning and creation of content. The team maintains regular communication with its colleagues in Talent Development and Global Training Compliance to create the best possible learning technology solutions for employees.

Credit Suisse refined its delivery model to ensure faster completion rates among participants for mandatory training. These mandatory training modules are now targeted to a specific audience, reducing unnecessary training hours for the wider workforce. Since these changes were implemented, 100% of mandated training is governed from within Saba, and Credit Suisse has seen increased training completion rates under its new delivery model, which includes the ability for training to be accessed on mobile devices.

Celebrating the customer success journey

We're often asked by prospects, customers, and industry analysts what some of the best success stories we have. The truth is we're proud of the accomplishments of each and every one of our customers because it's about the journey, not the destination.

Regardless of where our customers might be on their talent management journey, we want to help them take the right next step so they can provide their people with the development they need to succeed, and for their business to thrive.

Congratulations to Credit Suisse and GfK for this well-deserved recognition!

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Cover of the book

Best Practices In Replacing Your LMS

Reduce your fear about the process of replacing your learning management system - and create a strategy for success during the transition.

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