Attending #HRTechConf? One Tip to Remember

by Melany Gallant | Posted | Industry Buzz

Attending #HRTechConf? One Tip to Remember

The HR Technology Conference is just a few days away and if you're planning to attend you know there will be an incredible amount of learning and networking ahead of you.

But whether you're attending the conference or simply following the #HRTechConf hashtag from home, we want to share one thing to remember when it comes to HR technology:

Technology for technology's sake means nothing.

Before you even begin your vendor selection process, your business strategy and your HR strategy must come first. When you start with strategy, you have much deeper insight into the processes (and outcomes) you need HR technology to enable. And that means that when it comes to the vendor selection process, you'll be less distracted by bells and whistles that dazzle but do little to support or deliver on your most important business needs.

It's a point that Barbara Bell-Dees, the VP of HR for NASCO, LLC touches on in this interview with Tim Sackett. In this video Barbara and Tim discuss what Barbara will be sharing during the session she'll be leading on Monday, October 19th at HR Tech, and why it's so important for organizations to assess technology based on the strategic needs of the business.

Check out the video interview here:

Pre-HR Tech Conference Q&A between Tim Sackett and Barbara Bell-Dees of NASCO

NASCO at HR Tech - session details

If you're attending the HR Technology Conference next week and are interested in learning more about NASCO's journey to becoming a high-performance learning organization, here are the session details:

Session title: Becoming a High-Performance Learning Organization: NASCO Shares the Journey
Session track: Learning and Development
Session date/time: Monday, October 19th at 1:30pm PST
Session description:

What's a fast-growing provider of healthcare IT products and services to do when its people processes don't align with its strategic vision? Implement an integrated talent management system, of course. At least that's what NASCO did. Faced with a demographic shift in its workforce, NASCO realized that failure to develop its talent would inhibit the organization's growth strategy. In 2012, it turned to integrated talent management software to set the company on a journey to achieve a key strategic imperative - becoming a high-performance learning organization. Barbara Bell-Dees will take you through the business drivers behind NASCO's three-year talent management vision, the change management processes involved and how it used a collaborative talent management vendor selection process to ensure cross-department buy-in. You'll walk away with innovative strategies for a multi-pronged approach to talent management.

Tim Sackett talks talent management at the Halogen HR Tech booth

Tim Sackett will be continuing the discussion about the link between strategy and technology at Halogen booth 2335 on Monday afternoon.

What: Tim Sackett chats live about strategy and technology and what people should be doing today in Performance Management

When: Monday, October 19th at 2:30pm (during the dessert break)

Where: Halogen Software booth - 2335 in the Expo Hall

And, if you'd like to learn how Halogen Software can enable your talent management strategy, stop by booth 2335 and chat with us.

Whatever you plan to take away from this year's conference, we hope you enjoy it! See you in Vegas!

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Cover of the book

Selecting a Talent Management Suite

Experts share tips on how to choose the right talent management system for your organization

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