Advancing the HCM Process: Saba Pulse 360 Scores Big with Brandon Hall Group

Guest Contributorby Caitlin Bigsby | Posted | Performance Management

Advancing the HCM Process: Saba Pulse 360 Scores Big with Brandon Hall Group

We were pleased to receive the Brandon Hall Group's most recent review of Saba Pulse 360, our continuous feedback tool that debuted at HR Tech last year. The technology earned a Silver Award for Best Advance in Unique Talent Management Technology in the 2016 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards.

Insights become actions

The review (which is available to BHG members) calls out Saba Pulse 360's ability to deliver "continuous insights on employee and company performance and connects them to meaningful actions to take to address issues before they become problems and drive better business outcomes."

The BHG review states that Pulse 360 extends the value of Saba's Talent Management suite and brings together real-time employee surveys, "hot spots" insight from the tool's dashboard and personal, departmental and organization-wide actions.

This is our favorite part:

"As a result, Saba Pulse 360 advances the HCM process, making it a more accurate and efficient analysis...Saba simplifies the experience for both managers and employees by providing an engaging and pressure-free interface, including smiley faces, graphs and charts. The experience is simple and fresh, driving surprisingly fast adoption with virtually no training."

Take the next step

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