Accelerate Leadership & Employee Development with Halogen TalentSpace™

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Accelerate Leadership & Employee Development with Halogen TalentSpace™

When it comes to helping our customers build their world-class workforces, we take that commitment seriously.

It's why we offer tools, resources and services that make employee feedback and coaching, as well as learning and development, a tangible and integral element of performance management - so it can be reinforced throughout the employee lifecycle and used to drive high performance.

It's for this reason that I'm excited to share that in our latest software release, Halogen customers can now benefit from several new features and enhancements, including: new search capabilities, better insights into development activities for both managers and employees, enriched reporting capabilities and much more.

In my opinion, one of the most exciting additions include a new Feedback Central Digest feature, as well as exclusive access to Development Dimensions International (DDI)'s renowned competency framework. Here is why...

Feedback Central Digest places feedback front and center

Research shows that regular, ongoing feedback has a tremendous impact on employee productivity and engagement. And while your managers may be giving feedback on a regular basis, it's even better if it can be reinforced via a rollup delivered right to their employees' inboxes.

That's where the Feedback Central Digest comes in. This new feature of Halogen PerformanceTM notifies employees via email of all peer-to-peer and manager feedback received and stored in Halogen Feedback Central in a given week.

The digest is designed to provide just enough information about the feedback received to motivate employees to log into Halogen Performance to learn more.

We asked Bailey Borzecki, Manager, HR for Dogfish Head Craft Brewery based in Delaware, to share what she likes about Halogen Feedback Central Digest:

"Since when has no news really been good news? We work hard to sustain a culture of continuous feedback and Halogen has been an invaluable resource in the process. The new Feedback Central Digest feature in Halogen will ensure that feedback is front and center with coworkers which is an essential tool in keeping the lines of communication open and active across our workforce."

Here's an example of what the Feedback Central Digest looks like:

halogen feedback central email notification digest

What I really like about this new feature of Halogen Performance is that the digest ends with a message that encourages employees to keep the momentum going by giving feedback to someone else.

It's all to help you foster a culture of feedback and recognition in your organization, which helps you and your managers keep people development and recognition top of mind.

DDI Competency Framework makes learning and development tangible

We know that the scarcity of critical skills and weakness of leadership pipelines are serious issues for business leaders today. Learning has become a business critical priority for increasing skills, remaining competitive, and developing strong leadership competencies.

In a recent study The Conference Board and DDI found that:

  • Only 40% of leaders say the overall quality of their organization's leadership is high, and
  • Only 15% of organizations feel they have the supply and quality of leaders to meet future business goals.

With the above in mind, last year Halogen partnered with Development Dimensions International (DDI) to integrate and resell its comprehensive behavior-based competency library and proven leadership development content directly into Halogen TalentSpace.

The DDI Learning Library became available in December 2014, and offers high impact learning modules that are grounded in behavior change and that describe specific actions that can be taken to improve on specific competencies.

For example, if you wanted to set a leadership development goal around coaching, the learning unit "Coaching for Peak Performance" is linked to the "Coaching" competency in the Library. This learning unit also includes a simulation and several case studies as well as a discussion planner to help a manager prepare for a specific coaching discussion.

That's what makes this new Learning Library so fantastic: each course is interactive with quizzes, examples, simulations, and case studies and includes tools such as a discussion planner, a job aid, and a manager's guide.

All of it all pre-mapped to DDI competencies to ensure maximum impact and to help your employees apply what they are learning and achieve their development goals.

Access to actionable, easy-to-understand competencies

Our latest release of Halogen TalentSpace offers affordable access to DDI's extensive competency library throughout your organization. Competencies are designed to be actionable, easy to understand and practical, tied to business results, and supported through development plans, coaching tips and comment helpers.

Customers who do not already license the Halogen LearningTM module can access this Library via a special version of the module that offers designated access to DDI reading references and learning resources.

And when paired with the DDI Learning Library, the DDI Competency Framework creates a powerful all-in-one competency-based employee and leadership development package.

With this integration customers can select from a variety of content bundles- all pre-configured within Halogen TalentSpace. The benefit? Customers can accelerate leadership and employee development by establishing a company-wide language and framework for attracting, assessing, retaining and developing talent at all levels, business-wide.

Jamie O'Brien, Manager, Organizational Development for YRC Worldwide and YRC Freight explains how his organization is using this DDI content:

"We're using DDI's competencies and Learning Library in Halogen to ensure performance management in our organization is focused less on past performance and more on what's ahead. DDI's competencies offer really descriptive lists of behaviors that clearly define the behavior expectations for a given competency. As a result, performance conversations can become more about the behaviors an employee does or doesn't exhibit rather than just on the rating itself.
"These conversations can then naturally segue way into what might be next in terms of career development or advancement. And that's where the DDI Learning Library comes in - because it's available directly within Halogen our managers can assign the necessary development path with access to a variety of tools and resources that support both the employee and the manager in the process.
"Because this content is available directly within the Halogen suite makes it that much easier to ensure we're developing a world-class workforce aligned to the needs of our business."

Learn more about the DDI Competency Framework

If you want to learn more about the DDI Competency Framework and how you can use it to create development plans and goals that actually get actioned on, register for this March 26th webinar.

Dave Fisher, Manager, Leadership Development Solutions with DDI, will share best practices, tools, and sample case studies to help you help your managers (and employees!) create effective and meaningful development plans.

And if you want to speak to us about these and other enhancements to the Halogen TalentSpace suite, give us a shout.

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The Learning/Performance Nexus

Because the outcome of employee learning isn\'t knowledge, it\'s improved performance!

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