A Solution To Bring Out The Best In People And Teams

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A Solution To Bring Out The Best In People And Teams

Huzzah! The latest version of our Halogen TalentSpace solution is here and we are so excited to share it with you! Our fresh new dashboard puts employee goals, development and feedback front and center, where it matters. And we're setting HR departments up for success with uber-flexible processes and integrations.

It's all a part of continuing our vision of helping organizations bring out the best in people and teams, and this is one big step forward in that journey. We've got more great things coming this year, including a special mobile app that will really make it easy to give and receive feedback and coaching anytime, anywhere. But more on that later. In the meantime, check out some of the great stuff we've been cooking in the kitchen!

The four biggest benefits we're delivering for our customers

Agile and ongoing performance program creation

It always helps to get a head start. Building a performance program is a marathon, not a sprint. So we're helping you set the right pace in those first few miles by providing ready-to-use performance program templates. We based these templates on best practice workflows. And they're easy to tweak and configure to meet your organization's needs. You can integrate and automate all the performance processes you want, when you want. It saves a ton of time and effort. Best of all, we've made it easy to manage data and create reports so you can give all the important details to the higher-ups.

People-centric experience focused on individuals and teams

This release of Halogen TalentSpace provides employees with a personalized and responsive experience. My favorite part is the new home page, where I can instantly see what tasks I have to do, my goals and development plan progress, and any recent feedback or updates I've received so I can manage my own performance.

Halogen Software

I can access my goals and development plans to make updates, prepare for my regular 1:1 meeting with my manager, share feedback with a colleague, or lookup anyone in my organization - all with a single click. It's my performance after all, so seeing everything that matters to me in one place motivates and encourages me to keep things on track.

And for managers, it's also easy to see all your team's updates in a convenient feed, prepare for your 1:1s with your team members, or quickly access other tools to help you understand how individuals are progressing and who might need extra support or guidance.

My Team

Share feedback and coaching anytime, anywhere

On the topic of giving feedback all year round, how about being able to do that from any place at any time? We've talked about it a ton on this blog. Regular, continuous feedback is super effective for helping employees be their best at work and stay engaged. And that feedback needs to be timely and specific. So why not remove some barriers by letting employees and managers give and receive feedback anytime, anywhere? The new version of our solution is accessible from both your computer and your tablet. This means that you can give and receive feedback both at the office and on the go, helping you foster that ever-important feedback-rich culture.

Halogen TalentSpace Works On Many Devices

A performance-led talent management platform you can connect and extend

Halogen TalentSpace can connect to your HR systems and tools, plus you can take advantage of our many partnerships and integrations. That means we can plug into parts of your organization that you want to be connected to your HR functions. When you're ready, you can add additional capabilities with Halogen and build out your talent management programs to include recruiting, learning, succession and compensation. We're also trying really hard to be able to deliver your morning coffee to you, we're just waiting for, you know, teleportation and all that to happen.

Taking it for a test drive

We let a few of our customers kick the tires in our beta release and they had great things to say. Here's Linda Cataldo from Cambridge Systematics:

"Halogen helps our employees to stay on top of goal progress, remember to give feedback for a job well done, and to focus on the right development activities. The solution's people-centric design supports our organization in creating a culture of continuous improvement, innovation and long-term success. We're pleased to have Halogen as our partner. Halogen's focus on continuous advancement helps us take full advantage of the technology and get the most out of our talent management strategies."

Learn more and try for yourself!

"This release is an important step towards helping our customers achieve their vision for talent management so they can meet the changing needs of people and their experience of work.

That quote comes from our Halogen Chief Product Officer Karen Williams, and we couldn't agree more.

There's so much more to learn about what you can do we couldn't fit into one blog post. Feel free to check out our solutions page to get all the nitty gritty details, and if you want to see this stuff in action, you can take it for a test drive by signing up for a free trial.

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Cover of the book

Driving the Future of Performance Management

Discover how you can maximize your employees\' potential and realize brilliant outcomes for your organization.

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