3 Ways Leaders Are Getting Ready To Win In 2017

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3 Ways Leaders Are Getting Ready To Win In 2017

Update: Since putting out this blog post, we've done deeper dives on the three ways leaders are getting ready to win in 2017.
Part 1: Connecting Performance Management to Day-to-Day Work
Part 2: How To Establish A Culture Of Continuous Learning And Development
Part 3: How To Recruit Top Talent and Get Them to Achieve Early Success

We've spent time with many of our customers over the past few months, learning a lot about their point of view and what matters to them. Their priorities, and the opportunities and the challenges with engaging their people and winning with talent are key themes surfacing in these discussions.

Halogen customers have a passion to help their employees succeed. Many see how new approaches to performance management can help their business, too. But the question I hear most is:

How can my organization make ongoing performance management a part of the day-to-day, and build support for a higher impact way of working?

Most organizations are at the end of their fiscal year and starting their planning period, so this question is top of mind. The fourth quarter is when budgets are set and plans are put in motion for the year ahead. Many want to go further with their 2017 business strategy and maximizing talent and engagement is at the heart of these planning efforts.

You may be exploring similar priorities in your business. Based on our experience here at Halogen, people-focused HR leaders are making these three areas of focus a priority for the year ahead:

  1. Connect performance management to day-to-day work
  2. Establish a culture of forward-focused growth and development
  3. Recruit top talent and support them to achieve early success

Here's how to do it:

1. Connect performance management to day-to-day work

The customers we've spoken to who've done this successfully gave their managers and employees tools, training and resources they need to embrace ongoing performance management. As a result, these regular conversations support work rather than hindering it.

Performance conversations focus on employee contribution and provide an opportunity to clarify expectations and accountability around goals and development. They also provide a forum to discuss what motivates employees and what can increase job satisfaction.

Additionally, these customers have found a way to make continuous feedback a part of their organizational culture, so employees understand what's working well and what they can do to be more successful.

Here are a couple resources that can help your organization connect performance management to the day-to-day:

How to make the shift to ongoing performance management - In this eBook, you'll learn how the future of performance management can help maximize your employees' potential while building your organization's success.

Employee feedback and coaching templates - Use these templates to help your managers give truly helpful and effective feedback. This resource also includes a list of tips to guide coaching conversations.

2. Establish a culture of performance-focused growth and development

Studies show that high-performing organizations are far more effective at improving organizational and individual performance through learning. Halogen customers are taking steps to integrate learning into daily work. It's more timely, memorable and easier to put into action, and our customers who've adopted this approach are seeing positive results.

You can make performance-focused learning a priority in 2017 by combining on-the-job learning, coaching and feedback with formal learning activities and content to create a strong learning culture.

These two resources can help you get started:

The connection between learning, performance and improved business outcomes - In this eBook Brandon Hall Group takes a closer look at the connection between learning and performance and their effect on business outcomes. They also provide strategies to effectively link learning to performance.

Webinar: How to align learning with business outcomes - Watch this webinar recording to learn how you can align employee development to corporate goals and integrate learning into the entire employee lifecycle.

3. Recruit top talent and help them to achieve early success

Shifting employee demographics and greater transparency in the job market makes attracting top talent a challenge. In addition, poor hiring choices, ineffective onboarding processes and openings in mission-critical positions can leave your company at risk financially and competitively.

Support your organization in making the right hiring decisions in 2017 by taking a strategic approach to talent acquisition and onboarding.

Take a look at these resources for more information on how you can accelerate new hire performance:

Strategic talent acquisition white paper - As talent management becomes the strategic measure to organizational success, there is also an evolution in recruiting departments, best described as "strategic talent acquisition." In this white paper you'll learn how to create a recruiting function that is operating at the highest competitive level and aligned with your company's business strategy.

Best-practice onboarding checklists - To help you design and implement an effective onboarding program that engages new employees and sets them up for success, we've identified the process steps you need to follow and created handy checklists for HR, managers and new employees.

Are you ready to win with talent in 2017?

A strategic shift in performance management takes planning, thoughtfulness and skillful change management. As you look to finalize budgets and planning for 2017, consider your culture, your people and your business practices.

Does your performance management approach fit your business flow? Is it focused on maximizing employee productivity and engagement?

We all know conventional talent practices are coming under scrutiny and highly regarded HR teams are actively transitioning to a better model.

What changes you can make in 2017 to set your people up for success?

Most likely you know what you want to achieve with your talent strategy in 2017. However, what might be unclear is how to get there. Regardless of where you are in your talent management journey, we at Halogen will partner with you for success. So talk to us. We're happy to help.

We'll be exploring these three priorities here on the TalentSpace Blog in more detail over the coming weeks to support your 2017 planning efforts. Stay tuned!

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