Employee Onboarding

You need your new hires to hit the ground running, and new employees are anxious to make an impact as quickly as possible. Saba's employee onboarding solution makes both possible with immediate connectivity to expertise, just-in-time learning, continuous coaching and paperless forms management, enabling faster time to productivity and employee engagement.

30-60-90-Day Checklists to Streamline Onboarding Processes

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Saba's onboarding software helps employees get up to speed faster, with onboarding plans and checklists supporting formal, informal, virtual and on-the-job learning. Go beyond a list of tasks and enable attachments – such as video or multimedia – for review or certification.

Rapid Ramping That’s Personalized, Proactive and Relevant

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TIM, The Intelligent Mentor™, built into Saba Cloud, learns from every user’s input to provide highly relevant and personalized recommendations to new hires on the courses, content and connections they need to ramp up quickly.

Instant Connectivity to Knowledge and Expertise

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One of the big challenges in the employee onboarding process is helping employees understand where to go for the latest insights and expertise. Saba’s employee onboarding software is built on a foundation of social and real-time collaboration, with tools like workspaces, communities, activity feeds, video channels, messaging and virtual meetings — enabling instant connectivity to information and expertise to get things done.

Peer Impressions Create Rapid Engagement and Growth

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Encourage immediate feedback from peers and managers as employees ramp up in a new role. Impressions enable badges with public praise to be awarded, showing new hires that their progress is noticed by others. Constructive, private feedback can also be provided, enabling rapid iteration and improvement. Managers can use feedback to drive coaching and impressions to drive engagement — either informally or within a review.

Cascading, Collaborative Goals

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Private workspaces allow employees and managers to collaborate on goals from day one — and then track, update and align them with company goals in a cascading fashion. Tasks and activity streams alongside goals facilitate continuous check-ins around progress, alignment and aspirations. 

Paperless Forms Management

Chasing down signatures, background checks, NDAs, I-9s and offer letters slows down the entire recruiting and onboarding process. Saba integrates with best-of-breed services like HireRight and Adobe Document Cloud to streamline the process — enabling background checks and onboarding forms to be executed and archived digitally, without leaving Saba Cloud.


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