Saba for Manufacturing

Out-innovate. Outpace. Outcompete

New technologies, a changing workforce, transformative workplace behaviors, increasing mobility, more demanding regulatory frameworks and accelerating globalization of supply chains. These forces are changing the very fabric of manufacturing. Ensuring that your talent is ready and able to meet these challenges is what we do.


Extract operational efficiencies

  • Onboard new employees faster
  • Cut training delivery costs with integrated virtual classrooms and social learning
  • Improve productivity and reduce expenses by delivering learning to the palms of your workforce via mobile
  • Identify and reward your key performers via intelligent compensation recommendations

  • Gain real-time visibility of your team's compliance status
  • Rapidly assign regulatory training leveraging machine learning
  • Build observational checklists
  • Implement high-stakes testing and assessment

Manage intergenerational knowledge transfer

  • Find mentors and role models
  • Capture and share informal and institutional knowledge
  • Reward collaboration and foster engagement
  • Crowdsource problem solving
  • Stimulate ideation and innovation
  • Enable employees to curate communities, wikis and blogs

Empower the entire business environment

  • Develop new profit centers and increase revenues
  • Leverage existing formal, social and mobile learning
  • Increase knowledge sharing and engagement
  • Provide flexible workflows for internal and external learners
  • Enable configurable domains for targeted branding
  • Ensure agile and flexible regulatory compliance

Identify and develop top talent

  • Discover the best candidates with intelligent recruiting (whether they are external or internal)
  • Provide personalized and intelligent onboarding that allows your new hires to get to value faster than ever
  • Leverage the wisdom of the crowd to identify your top performers
  • Provide dynamic succession plans for your key talent
  • Identify gaps and expedite the development of necessary skills
  • Constantly and intelligently build development and career plans