Manage at Work

Manage@Work complements your Saba Cloud solution with a portfolio of services designed to drive maximum value from your Saba investment. Manage@Work gives you access to Saba expertise that can deliver expert advice when you need it, help administer your system, produce and mange your events and provide premium data services supporting the continuous improvement of your Saba Cloud solution.



Manage _end _user _support

End-User Support. Saba End-User Support provides a fully managed service desk with live agents and tools to deliver fast, expert answers to your end-users’ questions so they can get their work done quickly. By taking advantage of Saba End-User Support, you can efficiently deliver high service levels along with a consistent and fun experience for users.



System Administration. Your system administrators have a lot going on and will welcome the ability to leverage our expertise to manage their Saba deployment. Our experts will handle some or all of the administration activities across the Saba platform including Learning, Performance, and Talent modules.


Saba Consulting OnDemand. Get quick access to a Saba consultant — just when you need it. With this prepaid service, you are never far away from answers to “how to” questions or best-practice advice regarding your learning, performance and talent management initiatives. Learn more


Meeting and Event Management
Saba Meeting Event Management. Tap into expert support and moderation for critical online meetings and events. By letting the team of Saba Meeting specialists take care of all of the technical and administrative details, you can focus on generating the content and creating interactions that will make your event a success. Click here to request service


Environment Managed Service

Saba Validated Environment Service. Efficiently maintain regulatory compliance for your Saba Cloud environment. Saba takes on the burden of validating and documenting regulated companies’ environments and maintains subsequent change tracking records according to regulatory guidelines.


Application Managed Service

Saba Application Management Service. Take advantage of application services and staff augmentation based on your specific on- or off-site needs at a fixed fee. Add a group of committed Saba experts to your extended team and get end-to-end support and advice at every step of the way.


Content Strategy & Audit

Data Services. Saba provides a variety data services such as data extracts, non-production environmental maintenance and refresh, and customized reporting solutions, all designed to help you continuously improve your particular Saba Cloud solution.