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Social Learning

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Social learning and collaboration tools increase learner engagement and knowledge retention, enhancing both formal and informal learning programs. We built Learning@Work so you could adopt our award-winning social technologies at your own pace.

  • Rate, comment, share and tag classes
  • Communities, discussions and blogs
  • Video channels, links and documents
  • Intelligent recommendations
  • Idea labs
  • Adoption assistance
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Social Learning

Most of how we learn is through feedback and on-the-job experience, but not every organization is ready to make a wholesale shift to collaborative and social learning. That’s why we built Saba Cloud to let you adopt the social learning tools that make sense for your company, on your schedule. Your implementation lead will assist you in developing and implementing your social learning strategy; in fact, most of our customers start with formal learning and then add elements of social learning that enhance their formal programs.


Without continuous reinforcement, people only retain about 15% of what they learned in a formal class three weeks after the class. Saba’s social and collaboration tools enhance formal training by providing communities where students and experts can discuss content and share experiences away from class. Optimize informal learning with 24/7 access to video channels, discussions, blogs and workspaces for quick answers from mentors and experts.


Social and Collaborative Learning features:

  • Rate, comment, share and tag — Rate, comment, share and tag courses, documents, links and other items, so others can easily find them and see if they are relevant to their development.
  • Communities, discussions and blogs — Create groups around classes and common interests to share content, discuss and collaborate.
  • Video channels, links and documents — Click and share videos, recordings, documents and links and significantly improve knowledge transfer. You’ll also reduce training costs with user-generated content.
  • Intelligent recommendationsTIM, The Intelligent Mentor, is hard at work finding each learner recommendations of formal learning courses, experts and informal content. A vibrant social learning community will produce more content than most people can process, but TIM will sift through the content for each learner, finding relevant items they may have missed.
  • Idea labs — Increase innovation by tapping into your entire organization for new ideas on products and services. Cultivate the best concepts and drive greater revenue, increase customer satisfaction, or create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Adoption assistance — As a Saba customer, you will be assigned an adoption accelerator as your single point of contact for the critical solution planning and rollout phases. Your accelerator will work closely with you to design and implement a social learning plan to meet your company’s needs and schedule.