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Learning Management

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Saba’s learning management features deep configurability, robust catalog and resource management, and workflow automation to support your learning strategy. Complex programs, such as multipart certifications, are a snap to implement, and our prescriptive rules engine ensures the right employees, partners and customers get trained.

  • Learning content and resource management
  • Learning workflow automation
  • Compliance and certification management
  • Multiple audience access
  • Learning e-Commerce engine
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Learning Management features

Learning administrators can easily create and manage learning programs, automate assignments, optimize learning budgets and resources, and create a learner-centric experience and a compelling visual course catalog to match the needs of your business.

  • Learning demand and resource planning — Provide visibility into learning demand and resource allocation
  • Registration and transcript management — Track course registrations and completions as well as transcripts
  • Catalog and content management — Manage content in one convenient place and effectively market learning and training programs with a compelling visual catalog. Update content with precision, giving you confidence the changes take effect exactly as you prescribe
  • Workflow automation with flexible prescriptive rules engine — Manage and automate required learning assignments and reporting on one-time and ongoing training programs
  • Certification and compliance — Simplify complex certification, compliance and auditing needs, while reducing costs and minimizing risks
    • Multipart workflows —Easily create and manage multipart certifications with unlimited variation in the groupings and paths of learning activities
    • eSignatures, time stamps and audit trail — Ensure organizational compliance and maintain accountability
    • Support for global regulations including 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Right to Learn
    • Manage risk with analytics — Identify compliance risks with out-of-the-box reports and dashboards
    • Dynamic assignments —Smart lists automate assignments of critical certification programs and are triggered by profile attributes, activity and transcripts
    • Automated recertification — Recertification processes can also be automated to kick off well in advance of expiration dates
  • Support for multiple domains and 37 languages — Tailor learning environments by brand, division, location or any attribute to deliver training worldwide from a single learning management platform
  • Learning e-commerce engine — Saba’s flexible learning e-Commerce engine allows you to sell courses, helping you drive revenue, improve partner performance and increase customer satisfaction
    • Feature courses and categories
    • Create and manage promotions
    • Payment card industry (PCI) compliant — Accept multiple payment options including credit cards, PayPal, purchase orders and training credits
    • Multiple domains — Support tiered customer and partner programs through separate storefronts where each can have its own look and feel as well as pricing and promotions